Amazingly enough, some people noticed Kel Gleason during his brief, controversial stay on Survivor: The Australian Outback. Even more amazingly, they saw enough of him to REALLY not like him.

ADVERTISEMENT reports that, while Kel was having a drink with two female friends in a Toronto bar on Sept. 20, he was approached by a man asking if he was "that Indian from the Survivor show." When he answered yes, the man and three of his friends surrounded Kel, threw a drink in his face, and then started beating him over the head with broken beer bottles. Fortunately, Kel escaped serious injury and plans to resume his demanding regimen of looking for acting work in Toronto.

Kel said that he didn't believe the attack was racially motivated, despite the racial reference in the original question to him. Well, then, why did the men do it? Were they a hit squad sent by Jerri Manthey? Or maybe they were beef jerky salesmen, angry that Kel had given their product an unsavory reputation on international TV?

Naah, we didn't think so either.