CBS's hit talent series Star Search, hosted by Arsenio Hall, returns live Saturday, January 17 (8-9 PM, live ET/delayed PT) with an all-new nine episode tournament featuring a surprising twist that involves last seasonís memorable winners.

As it did last spring, this season of the one-hour series will feature live, tournament-style competitions in three categories -- adult singer, junior singer and young dancer. Once again, voting will be done by a panel of celebrity judges along with viewers at home, via the Internet, who will determine the winners and ultimately the $100,000 grand prize winner in each category.

The new twist for this edition of the tournament is new inclusion of the "Winnersí Circle," which will initially contain three memorable Star Search performers in each category from last season. In every show the winner of round one will be able to "call out" a member of the "Winnersí Circle," and the winner of that challenge will go on to be in the "Winnersí Circle" in the next episode. The spring season contestants which will initially comprise the
"Winnersí Circle" will be adult singers Freedom Bremner, Vickie Natale, and Jake Simpson; junior singers David Archuleta, Molly Bouchard and Mark Mejia, and young dancers Jon Cruz, Candace & Brandon and Tempo & Legend.

Viewers will get to know the "Winnersí Circle" performers each week as cameras follow their activities when they meet influentials in the entertainment industry and participate in various opportunities as they hone their skills on the path to becoming a star.

Ultimately, in the ninth and final episode, the three remaining performers in each of the three "Winnersí Circles" will compete head-to-head for the $100,000 prize in each category.