The speculation has gotten around. We have reported it. Also, the Boston Herald has reported it. But did Andrew Firestone, star of ABC's The Bachelor, really fly to Milwaukee for the purposes of visiting Tina Panas (a.k.a. "Tina Fabulous"), one of the remaining contestants for his hand in media marriage?

RealityTVWorld has received an tip, which cannot be independently confirmed at this time, stating that such an outcome may be unlikely, because Tina has a longstanding serious boyfriend whom she has dated for 8 years, since back in high school. Whether Andrew knew about Tina's boyfriend during the show is uncertain, but -- if he did -- we would expect that it would influence his selection.

In addition, RealityTVWorld was also informed by the Oconomowoc, WI-based tipster that Andrew was engaged in his full-time job, plugging Firestone wine, at a restaurant in Lincolnshire, Illinois on the night of his visit to Milwaukee -- which would cast doubt on the theory that his trip was intended to see Tina Fabulous.

So ... all we have to go on are a few facts, speculation, rumors, and unsubstantiated tips from people who seem to have a lot of information. Pretty much like the show The Bachelor itself, isn't it?

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