So You Think You Can Dance "Team Stage" captain Travis Wall has picked a winner for Season 12 and rival Stephen "tWitch" Boss isn't really arguing with him.

It's easy to think Wall is biased since there are two Stage dancers in the finale and he's coached them through all the performance shows, but Wall has insisted the winner should simply be "the best dancer" -- even if he or she is on "Team Street" led by Boss.

While it mattered to Wall which team a contestant was on "in the beginning," now, he just believes the best should be crowned champion of So You Think You Can Dance. And that person, in his eyes, is Stage dancer Gaby Diaz.

"For me, if I could choose, it would definitely be Gaby. She is a dream to work with -- in the room, on stage, she works so hard. So does [Hailee Payne] of course, but Gaby is a star when it comes to doing every single style perfectly," Wall told TVLine.

Payne is the other Stage dancer duking it out in the finale, which airs Monday night at 8PM ET/PT on Fox. The other two finalists are Street dancers Jana "Jaja" Vankova and Virgil Gadson.

"Everybody feels it for [Gaby]," Wall continued. "She's so funny off-camera and so easy to work with, and everybody really likes Gaby. It has a lot to do with not just how you look on TV, but what you have to deal with behind the scenes. She knows she's going to be welcome back next year as an All-Star, hands-down."

Wall competed on the second season of So You Think You Can Dance -- claiming second place -- and returned to choreograph countless amazing routines through the years.

Boss, who finished as the runner-up of Season 4, admitted Diaz has an amazing shot to win the title of "America's Favorite Dancer" and a cash prize.

The Top 4 "have all got it, especially Gaby -- she's been a top contender since day one, even when it comes to her perseverance, coming back and auditioning again," Boss wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog, calling Diaz "a common denominator when it comes to great performances."

"Gaby is a fantastic partner, because throughout this whole experience, she's kept a pretty cool head. She stayed focused and kept her head down and did the work, and it really worked out for her. Her routine with Jaja was the first time they've ever danced together, and they were a tremendous pairing. I'm sure she helped Jaja out on the technique."

Boss, on the other hand, confessed he is biased. So he's probably still hoping Vankova or Gadson pulls off the win.

"I feel that the Street dancers definitely stretched themselves more outside their comfort zone throughout the show than the Stage dancers did... Whoever they crown, they're all champions," Boss admitted.