A pair of So You Think You Can Dance finalists reportedly took the expression "dance 'til you drop" a little too literally.

Two of So You Think You Can Dance's Top 4 fourth-season finalists reportedly collapsed during Saturday rehearsals and were subsequently rushed to nearby Cedars Sinai Hospital, People reported Monday.

"The kids are completely dehydrated -- two of them," So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy told People.  "I'm sure they're doing a lot of blood work to see if there's anything else."

Stephen "Twitch" Boss, Katee Shean, Courtney Galiano and Joshua Allen comprise So You Think You Can Dance's Top 4, however People reported Fox representatives declined comment and did not release the identities of which two were hospitalized.

The two hospitalized dancers have since been released, a source close to the show told People.

Out of fairness for the finalists, Murphy explained that there were "no more rehearsals" on Saturday after the hospitalization and added "all rehearsals were called off" on Sunday.

"The other two [dancers] could not rehearse as well, and so hopefully everybody is going to be in the same boat," Murphy told People.  "Hopefully everybody will be refreshed by having a full day off."

In addition, Murphy said the Top 4 finalists have been rehearsing 10 to 12 hours a day in anticipation of So You Think You Can Dance's two-night fourth-season finale.

"They want it so bad," Murphy told People.  "So they keep pushing themselves and pushing themselves and not letting anybody know that, 'Hey, I'm running on empty,' and then it catches up on them and then they collapse."

So You Think You Can Dance's final fourth-season performance episode will air Wednesday, August 6 at 8PM ET/PT.  The live two-hour fourth-season finale will then air on Thursday at 8PM ET/PT, with the winner being revealed based on home viewer votes.