Finally, Shii Ann Huang's number was up. After failing to follow up last week's immunity challenge victory with another victory in this week's "Fire Tower" challenge, Shii Ann, the last remaining Mogo Mogo tribe member, was voted out of the Survior: All-Stars by the game's five remaining Chapera members.

Survivor: All-Stars' thirteenth episode began with footage of Jenna Lewis appearing to wear on her fellow castaways' nerves -- including those of Rupert Boneham, own her alliance mate.

Later, when the tribe assembled for the episode's Reward Challenge, they discovered that following up on their earlier "Letters From Home" challenge, they would now get the chance to win an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones who'd been flown in from the States by winning a classic Survivor gross food challenge. Of course, similar to previous Survivor editions, the catch was that it wasn't the castaways themselves who'd be competing in the challenge -- rather it was their loved ones.

Some of the family members proved more up to the challenge than others, and it came as little surprise to see the wives and mothers quickly drop out of the contest, leaving the young buck threesome of Jenna's brother, Tom Buchanan's, son, and Rob Mariano's brother. Jenna's brother was the first of the three young men to exit the challenge, getting disqualified for drinking water while consuming his tasty tarantula meal. That left only Big Tom's son and Rob's brother to face off in the challenge's final round -- eating a live coconut palm worm -- a victory that Big Tom's son easily captured by quickly inhaling the juicy creature.

After witnessing his son win the challenge, Big Tom was given the opportunity to select another castaway and their family member to join him and his son on their overnight camping trip, and after a few seconds of pondering, selected Rob and his runner-up brother.

Returning the next morning to the Chaboga Mogo camp from their "boys night out" of pizza and beer, the tribe's two new members were quickly put to work on camp chores -- although Rob's brother seemed more inclined to lounge than to work. While proving to be a strong contributor when it came to camp chores, Tom's son was also not without his faults and lost the tip of one of the tribe's two fishing spears while on a fishing expedition with Rupert.

After bidding adieu to their guests, the castaways gathered for the Immunity Challenge, a "teeter-totter tower" challenge that required the contestants to first start a stable bucket fire, and then to fill the bucket on the other end of the see-saw-like device with sea water such that the fire bucket would rise up and ignite a fuse at the top of the tower.

Surprisingly, difficult part of the challenge proved to be the building of the stable bucket fire. Despite being provided with amble kindling wood and a supply of wooden matches, one by one the castaways began exhausting their match supplies before having built a strong enough fire. In the end, only Tom and Shii Ann had any matches left. Tom managed to get a roaring flame going well ahead of Shii Ann and won the challenge -- winning immunity from the upcoming Tribal Council and dashing any hopes that Shii Ann had of once again forcing the Chapera to "eat one of their own."

Despite being resigned to her fate, Shii Ann still attempted to rally an uprising against Jenna, however her last-minute lobbying didn't work and Shii Ann was unanimously ousted via a 5-1 vote at the evening's Tribal Council.

Episode 13's correct bootee prediction lifts our Survivor All-Stars prediction record to 12-0-1. In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, a new leader exists atop the leaderboard -- congratulations to the aptly named "Outfrontgirl".

So what happens next week? Can anyone stop the Robfadda? Will Rupert approach Tom in an attempt to improve what he sees as his "fourth place finisher" position in his alliance with Rob, Amber, and Jenna? And will Big Tom wake up and finally start playing the game or instead just settle for fifth place? Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!