Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici may seem like the picture-perfect couple, but Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars will prove differently.

In an exclusive preview clip for Friday's premiere broadcast of Marriage Boot Camp obtained by People, Lowe admits he's felt the need to walk out on his wife of nearly two years before.

While playing the "Newlywed Game" with host Bob Eubanks, relationships were put to the test and some shocking truths were revealed.

"There have been times when we've fought that I have said, 'I just can't do this anymore,'" Lowe was shown saying during a confessional.

When the crowd sort of gasped and Giudici looked upset, the former The Bachelor star clarified, "It's in the heat of the moment. But I don't mean that I can't do marriage anymore, I mean that I can't do the fighting anymore."

To lighten the mood, Eubanks asked who typically wins their arguments, and Lowe, 32, replied, "Usually she comes out victorious."

Ink from Bad Girls Club then accused Giudici of putting on an act in which she always appears sweet and happy, acting like her marriage is wonderful.

"I see through it," Ink said in a confessional.

Afterward, Giudici, 29, was asked what's wrong with the way she and Lowe fight.

"We have problems just knowing how to speak to each other when we're in a fight. A hard thing in our relationships is when he invalidates my feelings," Giudici explained.

But Lowe had a different perspective on their tiffs.

"Things escalate quickly, so the small things can become bigger," Lowe admitted.

"Does somebody just walk away?" Eubanks asked the pair.
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"I will -- 'cause I just got to get away," Lowe confessed.

Boot Camp counselor Elizabeth Carroll was then shown whispering to her husband Jim Carroll in the audience: "There's trouble in paradise."

Last month, Giudici told People fans would be seeing a very different side of the couple on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

"It was a really, really difficult two weeks for both of us, me especially," Lowe elaborated. "I just relied on my wife to really carry me through a lot of it and to motivate and inspire me to stay and not go home because I felt so uncomfortable. So, just that alone, I think strengthened our marriage."

The new season debuts Friday, December 4 at 9PM ET/PT on WE tv.