Sean Lowe and his Dancing with the Stars partner Peta Murgatroyd are both insisting The Bachelor star is anything but a diva despite a recent report claiming so.

"I heard those rumors! You answer that one, Peta. Am I a diva?" Lowe said, according to Us Weekly, passing off the question to his partner who's most likely gotten to know him well thus far in the sixteenth-season competition. 

"Absolutely not!" Murgatroyd replied. "He is so far from it! It's absolutely absurd. It's ridiculous, laughable. We heard about it and we just burst out laughing because he's not that at all."

Sources close to Dancing with the Stars recently told TMZ that Lowe has acted like a diva on the show's set by talking down to crew members, demanding to be filmed from distinct camera angles and bragging "this show needs me" to his fellow contestants.

"It doesn't bother me," Lowe told Us of the report.

Dancing with the Stars executive producer Conrad Green had also previously denied the "diva" claims.

Lowe and Murgatroyd finished in sixth place on the judges' combined two-week Dancing with the Stars leaderboard with a total of 39 out of 60 possible points during Monday night's performance show. Out of the 12 couples competing, the pair fell right into the middle of the standings, and Lowe is apparently not going to settle for mediocrity.

"The biggest challenge has just been being comfortable out there, because this is so foreign to me," Lowe told the magazine. "You have to know the routine frontwards and backwards to get out there and perform confidently! This week was a step in the right direction, but I think next week could be even better."

Lowe said he actually thinks he has a decent shot at winning the coveted mirror-ball trophy this season because he and Murgatroyd have a great working dynamic going in rehearsals.

"We've got the perfect relationship because she teaches and she yells, but it's in a joking way!" the reality TV star added. "And I don't take her that seriously when she does it. I'm not scared of the girl! We get a lot accomplished, we have a lot of fun, she gets on my butt -- I need it! She's making me a better dancer."

One of the couples will be eliminated during Dancing with the Stars' first sixteenth-season live results show tonight at 9PM ET/PT on ABC.