Talk about reading the fine print.

Scott Baio said his two-and-a-half-month-old daughter has a "great name," but the Scott Baio is 45... and Single star said he's unable to reveal what it is.

"I legally can't tell you because of the show.  Seriously I can't.  They want to be the ones to tell what the name is," said Baio as a guest on Monday night's broadcast of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live.  "Believe me, I went through this with VH1 and it's a whole contractual thing that I didn't know about."

Baio aficionados will have to wait until the VH1 reality series' second season -- dubbed Scott Baio is 46... and Pregnant -- premieres Sunday, January 13 at 10PM ET/PT to learn what his daughter's first name is.  However during his Kimmel appearance he did tease that alliteration was apparently used.

"I'll give you a hint, it starts with a B," he said.

Scott Baio is 45... And Single's first-season finale ended with the commitment-phobic Baio completing his two-month relationship counseling program with life coach Dr. Alison "Doc Ali" Arnold and taking the plunge by popping the question to girlfriend Renee Sloan. 

"The first season of the show was me trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me -- why I've never been married at 45-years-old -- because I did have some issues," Baio told Kimmel.  "Ironically, I found out what the issue was and coincidentally I was seeing my lovely wife -- and I was in-love with her -- but couldn't get through to what the hell my problem was.  My problem was, I just always was looking for the next best thing.  There is no next best thing, there's just the next thing, and she's the best thing for me in my life."

After accepting his proposal, Sloan had her own surprise for Baio -- she was pregnant with his first child.

"The second season of the show was going through the entire process of a woman that is pregnant, and what the guy goes through," said Baio.  "It's me going through this process.  It's unbelievable.  You go through every single emotion ever invented, and then some."

Baio said the end part of that process -- "going into the birthing room" -- was just as unbelievable as the rest but made him feel slightly "useless."

"Here's the strange thing.  As a guy, we're useless in that room.  We are useless," Baio told Kimmel.  "She knows how to breathe, the girl, and holding your hand?  I couldn't do that right.  So I did the only thing that a decent guy could do, I fell asleep on the couch... She went ballistic, I said, 'But there's nothing for me to do here!'"

Another part of the birthing process apparently struck a familiar chord with Baio, who had been romantically linked over the last 20 years to former Baywatch actresses Pamela Anderson, Erika Eleniak and Nicole Eggert; Desperate Housewives actress Nicolette Sheridan; and actresses Brooke Shields, Denise Richards, and Heather Locklear (among others).
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"Every five minutes, another person will come into the room, stick his or her hand inside your wife's vagina and talk to you!" said Baio, calling the experience the "worst part of it" and leaving him feeling "totally emasculated."  "I'm thinking to myself, 'Should all these people be getting to third base with my wife?'"

The baby girl was born November 2, reportedly weighing 5-pounds, 10-ounces. While the newborn baby girl is the couple's first child together, Sloan also has an 18-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. 

Baio and Sloan wed in early December in a rooftop wedding ceremony at a Los Angeles luxury high-rise, with VH1 camera crews present to film the nuptials for Scott Baio is 46... and Pregnant.  Additional second-season episodes will follow Baio preparing for marriage, fatherhood and instantly becoming a father to an 18-year old stepdaughter; while his friends also have learned to live with the changes.

While Scott Baio is 46... and Pregnant filmed in the fall, its star said he's currently unsure what a potential  third show season would entail.

"The third season hasn't been developed yet, so we don't know," he told Kimmel.