Jared Cotter said he was "shocked" upon learning he was eliminated from the sixth season of American Idol on the cusp of the finals.  But how shocked could he have really been?

The 25-year-old from Kew Gardens, NY claims he knew he was eliminated from Idol before host Ryan Seacrest even informed the studio and home-viewing audiences during last Thursday night's live results show.

"I'm six-foot-four, Ryan is like five-nothing or whatever he is," Cotter told Access Hollywood during the syndicated entertainment news program's Monday night broadcast.

While Seacrest is probably used to taking some shots for being vertically challenged, Cotter said it actually played a role in him learning he was being sent packing.

"When I walked over, I actually saw over his shoulder and saw the card and in big letters it said, 'Jared... you are not in the Top 12,'" Cotter told Access Hollywood

Apparently Idol either has to start casting shorter hopefuls or buy Seacrest a pair of lifts.