Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian featured two girls, Jessy and Lauren, transforming their lives physically, mentally and emotionally during Thursday night's episode on E!

Revenge Body host Khloe Kardashian gained the tools from her divorce from Lamar Odom to develop a stronger mind, body and soul. She set out to change others' lives whom she can relate to, as she had been criticized growing up as being the "fat and funny" Kardashian sister.

While the premise of the show is to seek revenge on a person who has caused hurt or insecurity, the participants tend to realize quickly in their weight-loss journeys that it's really about bettering themselves, gaining confidence and growing stronger -- not about impressing others.

"Let's make our haters our biggest motivators," Khloe had said in the premiere.

In the show's fourth episode, Jessy revealed her father raised her to believe that being overweight is a weakness. Jessy and her mother therefore took diet pills and the Revenge Body participant turned to hard drugs at age 12.

When Jessy abused crystal meth at 15-years-old, she was the skinniest she could remember. However, once Jessy began living out of her car, she realized it was time to enter rehab. Currently, Jesse is 10 years sober but her mother still criticizes her weight and insists her husband will leave her if she doesn't get back in shape.

While Jessy didn't necessarily want revenge on her mother, it was clear she was dealing with a lot of pain.

Khloe hooked Jessy up with celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak, who has worked with Hollywood clients for almost 25 years -- including Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Jessy was put on a re-set diet, meaning three smoothies a day with crunchy snacks in between. Over time, she could decrease her intake of smoothies and add more of a variety of food.

Jessy doubted her trainer because there was a large intake of daily carbs and sugar. She thought she would look dramatically different after a couple of weeks, but Harley asked her to stick with it. He'd also have no issue with her quitting if she didn't trust his methods.

As a former addict, Jessy is used to getting instant gratification, so she acknowledged she must shut up and work.

With one week until her big reveal, Jessy met with stylist Shun Melson to find a flattering outfit for her revenge body. Days later, Tracey Cunningham cut Jessy's hair drastically and styled it.

Jessy's mother and husband Colin were ultimately stunned by her beauty and new body. Jessy told her mom that sometimes breaking someone down doesn't make a person stronger -- it just makes that person crumble. Jessy's mother apologized for being too harsh with her and making her feel insecure.
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The second storyline of the episode belonged to Lauren, who is getting married in 2017 and wants to feel beautiful in her wedding dress. When she turned 18, her father booked an 11-day cruise in Maui but he drowned just before they were set to leave and go home.

Lauren wants revenge on her brother, Martin, who happens to be her biggest critic despite being obese as well. Lauren went from a father who was very supportive and loving to a father-figure who picked on her at her weakest and most vulnerable moments.

Khloe hired Jorge Cruise, a celebrity trainer who has worked with people from Oprah Winfrey to Steve Harvey, to train Lauren. Lauren began her weight-loss journey at 275 pounds. She told Jorge she wants to better herself in order to have a family someday.

Jorge's nutrition plan was to cut calories by eating large amounts of mainly fruit and vegetables. She could choose between two cookies at 100 calories vs. 25 strawberries, and Lauren realized 25 strawberries was clearly a better, more satisfying choice.

Khloe then had Lauren meet with Tyler, known as the "Hollywood Medium" and stars on E!'s Hollywood Medium reality series so she could hopefully reconnect with her father and gain closure.

Tyler told Lauren that her father was with her every step of the way and would definitely attend her wedding. Tyler also acknowledged that her dad was very proud of her for trying to get healthy and lose weight.

Just before Lauren's big reveal, she learned she had lost 50 pounds in 12 weeks. She later met with famous designer Hayley Paige to try on her wedding dress again.

Lauren ended up shocking her brother's "socks off" with her new look in white-sequin ensemble, and her fiance fell in love with her all over again. She hoped to inspire Martin to lose weight himself, and he apologized for cracking too many jokes about her appearance.

In a post-show update of the girls, Jessy lost an additional eight pounds since the show filmed and Lauren dropped another 10 pounds.