Khloe Kardashian will be hosting Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian when the new E! reality weight-loss competition premieres Thursday, January 12 at 8PM ET/PT.

Sixteen participants will receive the opportunity to reinvent themselves from the inside out over the course of 12 weeks with the help of Kardashian -- who wrote Strong Looks Better Naked after a drastic physical transformation -- her glam squad, stylists, and some of the best fitness and nutrition experts in the world.

"I was always overweight as a kid. If I was stressed out or sad, I would eat," Kardashian, 32, said in a statement. "So, I had to learn how to then put all of my energy into something positive and healthy for me, which how I fell in love with working out."

E! had announced its pickup of Revenge Body last December. In each of the eight, one-hour episodes, men and women who have been dumped, are trying to mend relationships or are facing other challenges will attempt to overcome their body issues, build confidence and obtain the ultimate revenge.

From a man who gained weight after being dumped by his ex to a couple who both packed on weight during their relationship, participants will tackle what's holding them back and, at the request of Kardashian, turn their "haters into their biggest motivators."

Once the participants reveal their final and best version of themselves, they will confront those who have doubted them.

On Wednesday, November 23 at 9PM ET/PT, E! will air a special 30-minute preview episode of Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.

The new series is being produced by Khlomoney Entertainment, Rogue Atlas Productions in association with Lionsgate Television, and Ryan Seacrest Productions. Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Eli Frankel, and Larissa Matsson are serving as executive producers

Below is the list of trainers who will be lending their expertise to the Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian cast and their E!-supplied descriptions:

- Gunnar Peterson: Gunnar is a Beverly Hills-based personal trainer whose clients include celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people.  His "do it right or do it over" approach to fitness focuses on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts.

- Luke Milton: A former professional rugby player from Australia, Luke is a huge advocate of living a healthy lifestyle and having a laugh with your mates to get the most out of your workout. His fitness studio, Training Mate, is an extension of that positive team environment where he helps his clients achieve a healthy lifestyle through physical, social and mental health.

- Harley Pasternak: A seven-time bestselling nutrition and fitness author and former military exercise scientist, Harley boasts one of the biggest celebrity rosters in the business and has clients follow the "Body Reset Diet" to get lean and stay lean.

- Corey Calliet: Corey's cutting-edge training style, known as "The Calliet Way," pulls from athletic strength and conditioning techniques and professional bodybuilding fundamentals. With the desire to make his clients look amazing, his no nonsense, and no turning back method has proven results with his A-list clients.

- Latreal Mitchell: Latreal is one of the top celebrity fitness trainers in the industry. Her tough love approach to her fitness methodology yields chiseled and sculpted bodies. 

- Simone De La Rue: Simone is known as the creator of Body By Simone, a revolutionary exercise based on dance, which prevents injury and boredom whilst sculpting your body. She uses "mirror minutes" technique to teach her students how to mentally and physically embrace their inner beauty.  

- Jorge Cruise: The go-to trainer for celebs who prefer to eat off the pounds instead of sweat them off. Jorge doesn't believe in diets he believes in lifestyles that is why on his plan, fitness begins in the kitchen. His tiny and full approach to nutrition allows eating more while cutting calories, by eating foods that are big in size but also low in calories allowing you stay full and tiny in all the right places.

- Lacey Stone: Creator of "The Stone Method" and "8 Weeks to Change," Lacey is focused on invoking a real lifestyle change for her clients. Fitness therapy is what she calls it, starting in the mind, down to their social environment, ensuring her clients are prepared and ready for the physical change. She says if the mindset isn't right, the lifestyle change will never happen.