Tila Tequila is trying to prove love takes many forms via MTV's A Shot of Love bi-sexual reality dating series, however there's apparently a small problem.

"[It's] all a sham," a source "close to the show" told the New York Post in a Friday report. "Tila has and has had a boyfriend for over a year, and she's not really bi. She's made out with some girls in her past -- as all girls have -- but she is not bi at all."

The 25-year-old bisexual model -- whose MySpace profile is billed as having the most friends in the history of the social-networking website -- is currently starring in A Shot at Love, which premiered in October.  A Shot at Love follows Tequila as she whittles down a group of 32 suitors -- 16 straight men and 16 gay women -- who live together and compete against one another in challenges to win her heart.

However the source told the Post that MTV has been "pretending" Tequila is both single and available.  While Tequila had previously stated she wouldn't do A Shot at Love's second season if and when MTV renwed it because she felt like she "found love" via the show's first installment, the source said it's actually because she's already in a romantic relationship.

"[Tequila's boyfriend is] like five years older than her. This is a massive scam," the source told the Post.  "That's why they are not continuing with the show [for a second season], because she won't dump him."

In addition, the source described Tequila as a "diva" who has become a "nightmare to work with."

"She arrives late and doesn't talk to any of the contestants between takes," the source told the Post.  "She complains she has too much going on."

Tequila's representative discredited the source, and confirmed to the Post that the A Shot at Love star is in fact a bisexual and is also a "delight to work with."