Julianne Hough will reportedly be attending summer school to sharpen her acting chops.

The two-time Dancing with the Stars professional champion's offer to star in the upcoming Footloose remake is in jeopardy due to her poor audition for the movie, The New York Post reported Wednesday.

"[Her audition] was so bad, the producers sent her off to take acting classes," an insider told The Post.

"She's scheduled for another screen test Aug. 1. They definitely like her, but the producers know they need a real actress for the movie to work -- she's a pretty girl who can sing and dance, but so was Mariah Carey, and we all know how Glitter turned out."

A Paramount rep stated earlier this week that Hough has been offered the lead female role of Ariel Moore in the studio's remake of the 1984 film, which is currently slated to begin filming next March.

"Julianne Hough has been offered the part in Footloose, and it is contingent on scheduling," a Paramount Studio rep told Us Weekly earlier this week.

Should Hough improve her acting skills and accept the offer, she would almost certainly be unavailable to compete on Dancing with the Stars Spring 2010 installment. 

Hough has also previously stated that she plans on skipping Dancing with the Stars' ninth season this fall to instead focus on her career as a country singer.