First this week's performance episode received some extra minutes, now some of American Idol's upcoming results shows are reportedly getting the same treatment.

Beginning Wednesday, April 11, Idol's sixth season live results shows will air for an hour from 9PM ET to 10PM ET, Daily Variety reported on Monday, adding the hour-long format will also be used for results shows on April 18 and 25, as well as May 2. 

According to Variety, Fox said the expansion from a half-hour results show to a full hour broadcast came at the request of Idol producers, who have been seeking to "cram more content into the results shows."

"I love the results show because that's when we really get to produce," Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe told Variety. "There's so much content there, it's not just about who's going home. You're frequently promising a star like Diana Ross that you'll give her time to perform and talk about her tour and album."

With only a 22-minute window for content during a half-hour Idol broadcast, Lythgoe added that he and other producers found it difficult to cram in guest performances and actual results.  This was evident during the first two live Idol results shows of the sixth season, including on March 21, when freshly ousted finalist Stephanie Edwards was not given the opportunity to give a final goodbye performance after her elimination was revealed.

Last week, Fox announced it would expand the Tuesday, March 27 one-hour American Idol Top 10 live performance episode by seven minutes -- a move that put it in direct competition with the first seven minutes of ABC's first fourth season Dancing with the Stars results show.  The Idol performance episode will air from 8PM to 9:07PM ET on March 27, while the Dancing with the Stars results show will be broadcast from 9PM to 10PM ET/PT.