A suburban Chicago family says Fox TV's "Renovate My Family" not only destroyed their house but destroyed them financially, as well.

Gary and Sharon Rosier of Lemont, Ill., filed suit Wednesday saying the Fox reality show left their house in an unlivable state and socked them with nearly $800,000 in taxes and repairs, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday.

"We are worse off and now more in debt than before Fox and everybody else came in to help us," Sharon Rosier told the newspaper.

The suit claims the reality show's producers, Rocket Science Laboratories, hired contractors who violated DuPage County building codes and left their home with improperly installed handicapped-access equipment for their son, Steven, 17.

The suit also charges DuPage County inspectors performed "hasty and reckless" inspections as the work proceeded.

The suit says the Rosiers are stuck with paying $250,000 in repairs and a tax bill for $529,148 on home improvements that were never made.