Red Marlow is a talented contestant on The Voice's thirteenth season.

Red is a 40-year-old from Dickson, TN who took the stage with a performance of "Swingin'" for his Blind Audition.

Red convinced both Blake Shelton and Miley Cyrus to turn their chairs around for him. While Miley promised the country singer that he wouldn't get lost on her team, which is mostly comprised of women, Blake warned Red to "stop monkeying around" and join his team, where he belongs.

In the end, Red joined Blake's team, and now he'll be advancing to The Voice's famous "The Battle Round."

During a recent conference call with reporters, Red talked about his experience on the show thus far. Below is what he had to say.

How did you decide on your song choice, and did you plan on going with Blake as your coach from the very beginning if possible?

Red Marlow: Well, that song "Swingin,'" I was in kindergarten when that song came out. And I remember we had a concert at our gym at school, and I remember being a little kid and one of the high schoolers came in and sang that song.

And his name was Bart. I don't remember his last name, but he just must have been Garth Brooks in my opinion at that point, and I remember him singing that song. So through the years, I've always just, I don't know, it's just a hillbilly song and lord knows, I'm definitely a hillbilly. It just fit. 

It's just a fun country song, and I got to meet John Anderson, and he's a great guy. And just the song in general, I loved it. Anything that's country, I really like to do. I always had Blake in mind for sure. Blake and I had met several times through the years. He didn't remember me; I'm pretty easy to forget.

But anyway, it was kind of a toss-up because Miley, she put up a great fight, and I'll be honest with you, I was torn because the whole interview was just -- it was very interesting as far as her telling me what she wanted to do, and how she would let me be me and do country music and all that. She almost had me.

I kind of looked over at my wife; she was standing on the side of the stage when I looked over at her when I was trying to decide. She was like -- I could see her over there mouthing "Blake" at me. I was like, well, that's the reason I went with Blake, which like I said, I had planned on going with Blake anyway, but Miley sure was very convincing.

There have been many other country artists on The Voice. I'm curious, what are you going to bring to the table that's different from other things we'll see this season and from what other country contestants have done or gone through?

Red Marlow: Well, I think country artists, I mean I know [Sundance Head], a lot of those -- everybody is such a great singer and great artist. But as an individual, to me, it's not that I'm even anywhere nearly as good as those guys. I sing how I sing, but for me, it's personality. It's real. 
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I mean, what you see is what you get with me. I really truly live country, that lifestyle. Every day I wake up, that's how I live, and I think that comes across onstage as well as just being my goofy hillbilly self. I think that definitely helps out.

That's definitely the difference I think you'll see with me, is just being me and not trying to be anybody else. And plus, you know, I've been doing this for, I don't know, 15 years as a professional demo singer and just -- it's just home for, you know, singing and being on that stage is home.

So I feel like that and my personality and loving everybody, it's just who I am. So hopefully that will come across and that'll be the difference hopefully to take us all the way to the end.

This show is known for tossing other music genres at its contestants in attempt to push them out of their comfort zones. How would you handle that?

Red Marlow: Well, I think maybe it ain't Michael Jackson or something. Maybe they'll toss me something different. I don't know if I could do his notes but, you know, I could pretty much do anything I want to do.

[I'm] distinctive country. Anything I sing is going to be country, so if they throw me a song that's totally out in left field for me, honestly, I feel pretty comfortable. Because like I said, I've sang so many demos for so many writers and you have to be flexible.

A lot of times, they don't want you to sound as country as I do, so I might have to try to bend and get what they want, as a professional, trying to make a client happy. So I'm pretty comfortable. If they throw me whatever, I'll do my best at it, and it will definitely have some twang on it when I get finished with it. 

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