The cast of Real World San Diego isn't wasting any time establishing its outlaw credentials. According to The Smoking Gun, RWSD houseguest Robin Hibbard, a 23-year-old Florida bartender, was arrested on Tuesday, September 2, for punching and scratching a male U.S. Marine while partying with her new castmates and a camera crew at a San Diego nightspot.

Hibbard, who just moved in to the San Diego house with the rest of the cast near the end of August, was charged with misdemeanor battery and spent about nine hours in the slammer before making bail. We have a feeling that this probably wasn't a new experience for her.

Meanwhile, the Marine involved was reported by the police to have received several six-inch scratches, but he refused medical treatment at the scene. No wonder; we can only imagine the ribbing he'll already receive from his fellow Leathernecks for getting into a fight with a female "media ho" -- imagine how much worse it would be if he needed a doctor after the brawl. Porter also declined to comment on the incident when contacted by The Smoking Gun.

No word on whether the Real World San Diego camera crew captured Ms. Hibbard's attack on film, or whether we can look forward to seeing her commit the alleged crime in the early episodes of next season. Although, if they do have footage of the incident, expect MTV and the show's Bunim-Murray production company to exploit the event for maximum drama when the program airs in 2004.

Hibbard joins a lengthy list of Real World Smoking Gun alumni, including Adam King, Alton WIlliams, and Frank Roessler.