Raven Walton and Matt Clines were a tight couple who were evicted from the Big Brother house within a week of each other, but will their showmance turn into a real-world romance?

"Oh, goodness. My relationship with Matt is something special," Raven, a 23-year-old ballet teacher from Arkansas, told Us Weekly.

"We just clicked on many different levels. He wanted to know everything about my disease, he was there to console me when I wasn't feeling well and he's one of the best humans I've ever met... I think Matthew and I will be a couple outside of this house."

Raven -- who battles a chronic illness, gastroparesis, and has a pacemaker in her stomach -- said she never grew tired of Matt in the game although they spent a lot of time together.

"We were together in the house for 72 days. We couldn't get enough of each other!" Raven said.

Raven and Matt were in their own little world together. They were so tied at the hip, in fact, that their fellow houseguests became annoyed with them during the second half of the game. Kevin Schlehuber, for example, vented about how he couldn't stand the couple and he wanted them gone because they never talked to him personally or strategically.

"We looked at each other like we were cake," Raven told Us of her dynamic with Matt. "People will have to stay tuned but I do believe we have a future outside of the house."

Raven and Matt, 33, didn't have the only showmance on Big Brother's nineteenth season.

The most solid couple in the house was arguably Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, while Mark Jansen and Elena Davies also had a fling. However, Raven believes her relationship with Matt will outlast the others.

"Definitely Matthew and I [will stick]!" Raven insisted. "Jessica and Cody fought all the time! We were just the real showmance. We honestly liked each other a lot. We had to be around each other... Matthew and I were together all the time and we did everything together."

When Zingbot entered the Big Brother house this season, he teased Matt for doing nothing in the game "other than Raven," but the bubbly southern girl wasn't offended, and she said Matt was totally fine with winning "a hot girl" out of his time on the show.

Raven -- who said she'll be visiting Matt, a Virginia native, in Washington DC soon -- also talked about how she envisioned the rest of her game playing out had she stayed in the house longer.

"I really did trust Paul with my whole game," Raven told the magazine.

"Honestly, I don't think I would have beat him in Final 2 and that is okay with me. My moral compass would not have allowed me to take anyone else to the Final 2. Even Matthew said Paul and I needed to go to the end. I would rather lose the game and keep my moral compass."

Paul is still in the running for Big Brother's $500,000 grand prize in addition to Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, Kevin Schlehuber and Alex Ow.

It appears every single person in the house has a Final 2 deal with Paul; however, Josh has become skeptical of Paul's intentions and may eventually target him.