Raven Walton's unpopularity with her fellow Big Brother houseguests has been confirmed.

Raven took a lot of heat from Big Brother fans throughout Season 19 for allegedly lying about or exaggerating her hardships and accomplishments in life.

Viewers saw Raven's fellow houseguests question the validity of her claims, but they still appeared to be friends with her while someone like Cody Nickson was named the enemy. However, according to Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott, Raven was definitely disliked in the house.

"[My] least favorite [houseguest], wow, I heard some crazy things about Raven and things that were made up about me and really took a toll on me. The things that were made up about me were just really offensive and she didn't know it affected me, " Josh revealed to Us Weekly once the Big Brother season wrapped.

"[And] it was really hard to live with Cody. We are polar opposites and he did a lot of things that I did not like. We never had a conversation and he never gave me a chance and I didn't understand why."

Raven's main story on the show was that she suffers from a rare digestive disorder called Gastroparesis, which causes delayed stomach emptying, and so she has a pacemaker that is visible under her skin as well as a 12-inch scar from undergoing eight stomach surgeries.

Raven told her fellow Big Brother houseguests that she previously trained for the Olympics despite having a bum knee, inverted spine, endometriosis, thyroid issues, and arthritis. She also claimed her mother is a member of Mensa and the woman once got struck by lightning.

"I got along with her, but Raven, please, shut the f-ck up. Life is not about you and we know you weren't in the Olympics," Christmas told Us.

"Allow people to have their moment. You don't have to one-up everybody. She is a beautiful person as she is, but unfortunately, she feels the need to always one-up somebody. I would have to say that I'm disappointed."

Big Brother's Paul Abrahamian also offered his two cents on Raven, a 23-year-old dance teacher from Arkansas.

"It was really difficult to call her out on [her apparent lies] because you didn't want to sound like an insensitive person," Paul explained to the magazine.

"But some things that she would tell me would raise all the eyebrows that I had. Rough knee syndrome, inverted spine, members on the Titanic. It was Ripley's Believe It or Not stuff. It was just gnarly."

Raven, however, defended her ailments during a post-finale interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"If you want to question it, that's fine. Everyone has the right to their own opinion... I do have a lot wrong with me and I didn't use it as a crutch," Raven said.

"I just wanted to educate people and inspire people, like, 'I have all this wrong with me, but I'm on this show, and I'm able to do it'... A lot of people are like, 'You don't look sick'... Well, you can't see it. There's something wrong with me on the inside."

Although Raven and Cody were the majority of the cast's least-favorite houseguests this season, Cody was crowned "America's Favorite Houseguest" during last week's two-hour live finale and walked away with $25,000.

"He was such a d-ckhead... Inside the game, everything that came out of his mouth was a lie. He lied to every single person in that house. He manipulated everybody in the house," Christmas vented.

"He flipped the house on me. He backdoored me, he blindsided me. And then he wouldn't even defend his position. As a game player, [he was the] worst game player ever. I'm not exactly sure what America saw, but I know what I experienced in the house and there is no way I would have ever given him my vote."

Josh won the $500,000 grand prize on Big Brother this season, while Paul finished as the runner-up and therefore claimed $50,000. Christmas placed third.