Becoming the latest victim of the ongoing battle between Big Brother 6's two deeply divided factions, Rachel Plencner was voted out of the Big Brother house during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality series.

Rachel, a 33-year-old horse breeder from Parker, Colorado, had been nominated for eviction by Beau Beasley, Big Brother 6's eighth Head of Household. Beau, a member of the competition's increasingly dominant "Friendship" alliance, had nominated Rachel because she was perceived to be the strongest player among the three remaining "Sovereign" alliance members. Recognizing that they were, along with his own partner Ivette Corredero, the only other pair still competing in the competition, Beau had also nominated Howie Gordon, Rachel's partner, for eviction.

Although alliance outcast James Rhine won the week's subsequent Power Of Veto competition for a fifth time, he did not to use his veto power. Realizing that remaining "Sovereign" member Janelle Pierzina would simply replace whichever nominee he saved, James opted to keep nominations as they were, leaving both Rachel and Howie on the chopping block.

Rachel was evicted unanimously from the house, with James, Janelle, Ivette, Maggie Ausburn, and April Lewis all casting their eviction votes live during Thursday's broadcast.

Once Rachel was evicted and interviewed by Big Brother host Julie Chen, the remaining houseguests competed in Big Brother 6's ninth Head of Household competition, a trivia challenge in which the six eligible households (as outgoing HoH, Beau was not eligible to compete) had to determine whether the actual numerical answer to a question was higher or lower than the number suggested by Julie.

After the first question resulted in the elimination of half of the houseguests, only James, April, and Janelle remained in the running to be the next Head of Household. Although James was later eliminated, the competition ended with both Janelle and April still competing, resulting in a tiebreaker question in which the women had to guess as to how many hockey pucks were used in the previous week's Power of Veto competition. Despite some initial indecision that evoked memories of Janelle's tiebreaking victory in last Thursday's live Head Of Household competition, April eventually wrote down 100 as her answer, a number that was closer to the actual figure than Janelle's answer of 85, making April Big Brother 6's Head of Household for the first time.