Rachel Lindsay and fiance Bryan Abasolo may not have babies on the brain right now, but The Bachelorette star's future mother-in-law certainly does!

Rachel, 32, revealed that Bryan's loving and protective mother is itching for grandchildren already, Us Weekly reported.

"His mom actually is pressuring us for babies," Rachel admitted to Us. "She'd be happy if we started a family right away."

The couple, however, wants to wait until after their dream wedding to start trying for their first child together.

"I do want to wait until after we get married in Winter 2017 or 2018," Rachel said. "We want three or four [kids]. We'll see what's in the cards. It's a fun thing to plan."

But before kids come into the picture, Rachel revealed that Bryan wants to test their parenting skills on a new puppy.

"I'm fine with just [having my dog] Copper, but Bryan is obsessed with dogs and he really wants us to get one together, specifically a small dog," Rachel said. "He keeps saying, 'Bae, we have to get a small dog together.'"

Rachel and Bryan's relationship appears to be going strong. The pair's engagement aired on The Bachelorette's thirteenth-season finale on August 7, and ever since then, the lovebirds have been packing on the PDA.

"We're so excited about being able to be open, to really just be with each other now," explained Rachel, who could only meet with Bryan in secrecy while the show was airing on ABC.

"It's so freeing to be able to talk about him without calling him [a fake name like] Jerome, but at the same time, reality is setting in and we have to settle on somewhere."

Rachel, a Dallas attorney, and Bryan, a Miami chiropractor, must decide on where they want to live.

"We're talking about Dallas, Los Angeles or Miami. We just want to bring our two lives together, that's what is really important," Rachel insisted to Us. "We are putting our list of places we want to live together. Right now, L.A. is looking pretty nice, but we're not sure yet."

In the meantime, Rachel is just having fun learning more about her man with each passing day.

"I'm learning how much we really have in common. We both love scary movies, comedy TV shows, sports, and that has been so fun to find out about each other, but also other things, like he takes longer to get ready in the morning than I do!" Rachel joked.

"Typically I'm a night owl, but with him, I'm so comfortable that I fall asleep early and it sort of bugs him. So he'll just put on a movie while I fall asleep. Then I'll wake up really early and he's sleeping. We're adjusting to each other's schedules."

Rachel added, "Also things like, I like to fall asleep with the TV on, he doesn't, so it's been fun figuring each other out."