Big Brother houseguests Cody Nickson and Elena Davies were evicted from the house in a special live double-eviction episode Thursday night on CBS.

Cody, a 32-year-old construction sales representative from Lake Mills, IA, who currently resides in Plano, TX, was first evicted from the Big Brother house through a unanimous 7-0-0 vote when he was on the chopping block with Matt Clines and Elena, a 26-year-old radio personality from Fort Worth, TX, who currently resides in Dallas, TX.

Following a Head of Household competition in which Jason Dent won, Jason then nominated Elena and Mark Jansen for eviction. However Mark went on to win the Power of Veto competition and remove himself from the block.

As a result, Jason named Matt the replacement nominee as a pawn, and then the Season 19 houseguests sent Elena packing through a 6-1 vote in which her showmance partner, Mark, who was the only person who voted for her to stay.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 55, with Cody explaining in the Diary Room how he was not surprised Matt decided not to use the Power of Veto on himself.

At this point in the game, Alex Ow was Head of Household, and when Matt decided to take Jason off the block, Alex named Cody the replacement nominee.

Had Matt used the veto on himself -- which would have ensured his safety in the game -- there would have been no replacement. Cody called Matt a "wuss" for listening to orders and not taking his fate in the game into his own hands.

Even though Alex wanted Elena out of the house because the radio personality had stolen her $5,000 prize in the previous Power of Veto competition, Alex admitted the rest of the house was ready to take out Cody when they had the chance.

However, Elena got into a blowout fight with Josh Martinez and Alex Ow about loyalty, respect and trust. Neither Josh or Alex wanted to work with Elena anymore and they were both disgusted by her behavior. Alex, especially, couldn't believe that Elena went back on her word when the girls had promised they wouldn't curse each other in the previous veto competition.

Cody, listening to the fights from outside, laughed about how all the houseguests he was playing with were "crazy" and "lunatics."

Big Brother host Julie Chen then announced to the group that it was going to be a double-eviction night and the two people voted out of the game would become the nineteenth season's first two jury members. Julie also reminded the houseguests that the "Temptation Competition" is no longer in play.

At the first live eviction, Cody made a speech about how Alex was playing "a dirty game" and that she and Jason were working together to target people in their own alliance -- including Matt, Raven Walton, and Paul.

However, when Julie interviewed Cody after his eviction, the former Marine admitted that he had made the whole story up in order to stir the pot. Cody hated how everyone was playing safe, and he wanted to give the players a reason to go after each other.

Cody then revealed that he couldn't stand the people he played with and he hated them all. Cody insisted there was no part of him that could be "phony" in the house in order to stick around longer because he couldn't bring himself to be nice to those people.

Cody also confessed to Julie, "I will" marry Jessica Graf, his girlfriend from the season who was eliminated last week.

It then became time for the Head of Household competition dubbed "Let It Slide." Two players at a time, the houseguests faced off in a shuffle-board style game in which they each had to slide a disc down a board, pushing it as far as possible without sending it over the edge.

The person to push his or her disc the farthest would win that round, and the winner could then choose the next two players whom he or she wanted to see battle it out for one spot. This pattern continued until only one houseguest remained.

Matt and Josh were up first, and Matt was eliminated. Josh then asked Mark and Elena to face off, and Elena was ousted. Mark chose to have Josh go up against Christmas Abbott, and then Josh was eliminated. Christmas picked Raven and Mark to go up against each other next, with Raven getting the boot.

Mark then picked Christmas and Kevin Schlehuber to face off. After Kevin was out, Christmas selected Mark and Jason to face off. That resulted in Mark being eliminated and Christmas facing off against Paul Abrahamian since they were the only two people left. Christmas won that battle, and then it became a showdown between Jason and Christmas for the win.

Jason won HoH, and within a matter of minutes, he nominated Mark and Elena for eviction at the Live Nomination Ceremony.

Jason explained to Mark that while they had started off this game as "boys," in the last week-and-a-half, Cody was telling him that he and Elena couldn't be trusted. Jason also disclosed how Mark wanted to make a power move by taking Paul out -- a plan Jason simply didn't want to get in the middle of.

Jason then told Elena that she was on the chopping block because she had pulled a fast one on his loyal sidekick, Alex. Jason didn't appreciate how Elena had made a deal with Alex but immediately went against her word when $5,000 was on the line.

When wrapping up his speech, Jason declared that he had no target and would let the house decide whom they wanted in or out.

With that being said, the Power of Veto competition commenced, and it was called "Kenya-Solve It."

The participating players were required to solve three puzzles in a relay-race style. Once a houseguest solved the first puzzle, he or she could move onto the next puzzle, and so on. The first houseguest to complete all three puzzles and hit his or her buzzer at the starting line would win the Power of Veto, and that person was Mark.

At the live Veto Meeting, Mark confessed he's "crazy about" Elena, and if he had two veto medallions to hand out, he would definitely give her one. However, Mark opted to use the only power of veto on himself and remove himself from the chopping block.

Jason therefore named Matt the replacement nominee, and the episode concluded with the house taking out Elena at the second live eviction.

Elena told Julie once she left the house that her demise in the game was being so friendly with Jessica and Cody.

Elena said it also hurt her game to be associated with Mark, who was considered tight with Cody, who was Public Enemy No. 1 in the house for weeks. Elena also revealed that she likes Mark and will let him take her out on a date in Dallas once the Big Brother game concludes.