Variety is reporting that CBS is giving a 'Survivor'-size boost to producer Jerry Bruckheimer's rookie reality series 'The Amazing Race.'

CBS has shifted the season finale of 'Race' from Dec. 12 to Thursday, Dec. 13 -- immediately after a new installment of 'Survivor: Africa.' On Dec. 12, it'll fill 'Race's' 9 p.m. slot with repeats of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and 'Becker.' The move is designed to bring in more viewers to 'Race,' which has drawn stellar reviews but hasn't broken out as a hit.

Nonetheless, CBS has ordered a second season of the Touchstone/CBS Prods. series, which is set to return next spring or summer. Network officials hope viewers who tune in for next month's finale will be back for season two.

"It's all about building up a little more momentum for the next ('Race')," said CBS scheduling czar Kelly Kahl.

Source: Yahoo!/Variety