The mystery about Project Runway's fifth-season romance is officially over.

Wesley Nault -- the designer who was eliminated during last night's broadcast of the fifth season's second episode -- has confirmed he and still-competing contestant Daniel Feld are currently in a relationship, People reported Thursday.

"We met on the show," Nault told People. "We tried to keep it very professional on the show because we were both there for our careers, and we didn't expect this to come out of it. But I'm really happy."

Nault and Feld are both originally from Massachusetts -- with Nault hailing from Blackstone, which is roughly 120 miles east of Feld's hometown of Great Barrington.  In addition, both Nault and Feld currently call New York City home.

"We're still together," Nault told People.  "It's going really well."

Rumors about a Runway relationship between Nault and Feld surfaced online after fashion bloggers noted both listed on their MySpace accounts that they are "in a relationship" and also listed each other as a "top friend."

Project Runway fashion guru Tim Gunn had also confirmed that two fifth-season designers were dating to People but declined to reveal their identities.

"I am shocked that they're talking about this, I really am," Nault told People about the buzz. "I'm shocked it's such a big deal."

In addition, Nault said he and Feld plan on professionally collaborating once the show concludes its broadcast run.

"Daniel and I are talking about possibly working on something together," Nault told People.  "Everything's in the works right now."

Project Runway's fifth season is currently airing Wednesdays at 9PM ET/PT on Bravo.