Brooke Hogan claims she was a pawn in her parents' divorce proceedings when she lied for mom Linda about spousal abuse by Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea.

Brooke has issued an apology for signing a legal affidavit accusing her father of verbally and physically abusing Linda during their marriage, People reported Thursday.

"I did it under significant pressure from my mother.  It was only after I learned all the facts that I realized I made a big mistake in signing it," Brooke told People in a statement. 

"Using kids as pawns in a divorce is awful. Every day my mother resorts to this kind of behavior makes it that much harder for us to ever have a relationship again."

Despite admitting to signing the affidavit, Brooke's rep said she eventually regretted the decision and asked that it not be filed in court.  While a rep for Hulk declined comment, his attorney told People no such document has been filed. 

"Brooke Bollea is distressed at the latest efforts by mother Linda to fracture the family," Brooke's rep told People

"This time they let leak out an old document that Brooke signed filled with exaggerations and fabrications about father Terry's behavior during the marriage. The months-old document was signed by Brooke at a time when she was upset with her father."

Linda filed for divorce from Hulk last November and has since accused him of "legal shenanigans" dealing with the couples finances; claimed that he is stalking her; and most recently asked that he be thrown in jail on contempt of court charges for failing to pay his portion of a condo purchase at Las Vegas' The Palms hotel and spa. A judge denied the request.

Earlier this week, Brooke revealed that she and Linda are no longer on speaking terms -- with the tipping point being that her 48-year-old mom is dating 19-year-old Charley Hill.

"I love my mother, and hope to one day reconcile with her," Brooke told People.