NBC bachelor Preston Mercer choose "good girl" P.J. Spillman over "bad girl" Rachel Veltri during Monday's series finale of the network's For Love Or Money 3. But in the end, neither Preston or P.J. came out of the show with a single penny, while Rachel received another chance to compete for $1,000,000 in For Love Or Money 4 (premiering next week) -- raising the question as to who really was the winner... the woman who received love... or the woman who received another chance for money?

During the night of the final selection ceremony, both Rachel and P.J. were on edge. Rachel and Preston were shown meeting first, and Rachel's prospects quickly appeared to dim when Preston began admonishing the 26-year-old Chicago flight attendant for doubting him when he never lost faith in her, to which Rachel swiftly replied "but I wasn't the one dating other people." Finishing his speech with an explanation that he didn't feel their chemistry would translate into anything long-term, the 25-year-old Colorado mortgage company owner asked a shocked Rachel for his ring back. After a tense break-up in which she questioned the sincerity of his comments and earlier behavior, a sad and disappointed Rachel stomped off to her bedroom, where she explained to the cameras that she "stupid and betrayed" because she had planned on picking Preston over the (still unknown) check amount.

With Rachel's fate determined, Preston then met with P.J. Telling the 24-year-old assistant media buyer from Texas that she'd come "full circle" from day one until now, Preston informed P.J. that "I choose you." After hearing his decision, a smiling P.J. explained that while she could definitely use a million dollars, she didn't believe that money couldn't buy happiness, so she was also choosing Preston (in her case over the still-unknown amount of money on her check.) With the final pressure of the program's ping-pong selection scenario once again back on Preston, he pulled P.J.'s check from his jacket pocket and noted that while people might think he was "crazy," he'd also rather take a chance on love, and passed on the still undisclosed amount of cash.

As the camera faded away from the couple, a black light shown on P.J.'s now-rejected check and the audience finally learned the amount of P.J.'s rejected prize -- $1.00 -- meaning that it was the rejected Rachel who had held the $1,000,000 prize... an amount she will once again get a chance to win when she returns (along with fellow For Love Or Money 3 alum Andrea Langi) in next week's For Love Or Money 4.