At least Ozzy Lusth didn't have TWO Hidden Immunity Idols in his possession when he was eliminated.

Similar to last season's ouster of Survivor: China castaway James Clement, Ozzy dominated much of the game but failed to recognize when he needed to use his Hidden Immunity Idol and was thus blindsided, as the Survivor: Cook Islands runner-up became the twelfth castaway eliminated from Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites during last night's broadcast of the long-running CBS reality show's sixteenth season.

"I'm an idiot," said Ozzy after his ouster.  "I should have seen it coming, but I got too comfortable. I felt like I could trust the people in my alliance and it serves me right. I'm a fool.  I'm a fool for thinking that. To whoever it was in my alliance that voted the other way, right now I pretty much hate you.  So screw you basically."

Survivor: Micronesia's tenth episode began with the Dabu tribe returning from their first Tribal Council since the merge, which saw the elimination of Eliza Orlins.  However before she left, Eliza played a fake Hidden Immunity Idol given to her by Jason Siska, which he found on Exile Island and had been planted there by Ozzy when he found the real one. 

"My plan of trying to send Ozzy home failed," said Jason.  "I'm glad that Eliza played the [fake] Hidden Immunity Idol instead of myself.  I would have hated to play the idol and then actually go home looking like even more of a fool."

While Ozzy didn't go home, everyone now knew that he had the real idol.  Despite being aligned with Ozzy, former Survivor: Panama castaway Cirie Fields realized if Ozzy had been booted, it would have gotten rid of both the idol and one of the game's strongest competitors.

"It might not have been such a bad thing," she said.

The next day the nine remaining castaways met for a Reward Challenge, and host Jeff Probst explained the rules.

The castaways would be divided into two teams of four. One by one, members of each team would swim out to a multi-level tunnel of nets partially submerged in a lagoon and race through it. Once through the tunnel, they'd swim to a platform and study a collection of Micronesian symbols, memorizing their positions on the answer key. They would then make their way back through the net tunnel to the start and arrange duplicate symbols on an answer board in the same positions as the answer key on the platform.

The first team to match all their symbols correctly would win Reward -- a flight to a neighboring island nation, Yap, where they would enjoy a local dance, feast, and spend the night in an ancient village, returning to their camp the following morning.

After a schoolyard pick, the orange team consisted of Jason, Ozzy, Erik Reichenbach and former Survivor: China castaway Amanda Kimmel; while the purple team consisted of Natalie Bolton, James, former Survivor: Cook Islands castaway Parvati Shallow, and Alexis Jones.  Since Cirie went unselected, she would not be able to compete in the challenge and was instead sent to Exile Island until the next Immunity Challenge.

The challenge commenced and was fairly even as the castaways took turns racing through the course, memorizing the symbols and racing back to the start to assemble the puzzle.  Amanda was the last castaway to go for orange while Natalie was the last to go for purple.  While Natalie was the first back to the start, she incorrectly put the puzzle together.  However Amanda nailed it and the purple team won reward.

Jason, Erik, Ozzy and Amanda arrived in Yap and began to feast, with Erik noticing that none of the tribal women were wearing tops, which he commented was "culturally interesting."  After watching a tribal dance, Erik imbibed in some local beer and betel nut -- a local form of tobacco.  Before falling asleep that night, Erik vomited.
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"I partied a little too hard Micronesian-style," he said.  "Despite the throwing up, I really don't regret anything.  It was all worth it and I enjoyed it thoroughly."

Meanwhile Cirie was battling the elements on Exile Island and not fairing to well, as it continued to rain with thunder and lightning filling the sky.  On top of it not being a good night, Cirie knew her stay on Exile was useless since Ozzy already had the idol.

"Ozzy's a huge competitor and then to have the idol on top of that, that increased his target like 10-fold," said Cirie.  "Maybe I'll have to work on getting rid of Ozzy and his idol."

At the Dabu camp, James started working early in the morning while Natalie, Alexis and Parvati slept -- a move that upset Parvati.

"There's three people that are trying to sleep," Parvati told James.  "It's kind of obnoxious. Seriously."

James was immediately irritated by Parvati's comment because he "kept the mosquitos off their asses" all night -- but he bit his tongue and retreated into the woods.

"The actual gall to get up and tell somebody something and then lay your ass back down, that's some nerve," vented James.

Jason, Erik, Ozzy and Amanda then returned from Yap.  Despite the fact that Ozzy is a returning Favorite who should know better than to brag about a Reward, he still decided to gush about the magnitude of the feast the four of them just returned from.

"He is such a little brat," Parvati told Alexis later.

Parvati's growing connection with Alexis and Natalie didn't go unnoticed by James and Amanda, with James commenting Parvati was "tripping" and attempting to align Dabu's women.  Amanda agreed, and seemingly knew who Parvati's first target would most likely be.

"I worry about Parvati.  She's put herself in an alliance with Natalie and Alexis.  I don't know these girls; I don't trust them," said Amanda.  "Ozzy has to be careful because he is such a threat and they know he has the idol.  Who's to say who's to flip who's not to flip."

Sitting on the beach with Erik, Jason commented how he won't be around much longer unless he's able to claim Individual Immunity on a regular basis.  Erik reminded Jason that's not an easy task since Ozzy is always gunning for victory.

"It'll be life or death for me," Jason told Erik.

Dabu then arrived for Survivor: Micronesia's second Individual Immunity Challenge.  Cirie rejoined the tribe and Jeff explained the rules.

Standing on a log with one of their hands raised above their head, each castaway would be tethered to a line stretching up to a bucket filled with water perched over his or her head. If they drop their arm or pull on the line, it would tip the bucket and douse them with water and eliminate them from the challenge. The last person left standing would win Immunity.

Everyone was still in competition twenty minutes into the challenge, so Jeff emerged with a bowl of candy and offered it to anyone willing to step down.  Cirie and Erik made a deal to share the candy and stepped down.  Things got interesting 45-minutes into the challenge when Jeff reemerged with something behind his back.  Alexis couldn't contain her excitement and pulled her line before Jeff revealed what it was.  He refused to give it to her.

"You can mope and be mad [but you're not getting it]," Jeff told Alexis before revealed it was cookies and a glass of milk. 

Natalie then came down off her log -- but without telling Jeff she wanted the plate, so she didn't get it either.  While hoping the same thing didn't happen to him, James lost his concentration and was also eliminated from the challenge with nothing to show for it.

An hour into the challenge and Ozzy readily stepped down from his log for a plate of three chocolate glazed donuts.  The challenge went to three hours with Amanda, Jason and Parvati still in, however Amanda had to go to the bathroom and stepped off her log five hours into it.

Six hours in and Jeff emerged with the mother load: three chocolate chip cookies, four doughnuts, a big tall jar of candy, peanut butter, two chocolate bars, a glass of milk, two beers, and a huge pizza. Whichever of the two would step down would share the goodies with the others sitting on the bench.

Parvati immediately started to taunt Jason about being able to "make friends" if he stepped down -- and her plea was eventually picked up by the eliminated castaways, who began to promise they wouldn't vote for him at Tribal if he stepped down.  Jason said it wasn't enough and needed a guarantee from everybody.  Of course, the entire tribe promised Jason's safety -- with Cirie and Alexis doing so with their fingers crossed behind their backs.

"The question is Jason, do you trust them?" said Jeff.

"I don't know.  I'll have to think about that for a moment," replied Jason before pondering his situation.  "Well, either I'm making the biggest mistake of the game right now or it could keep me out here for a little while longer."

He then stepped down and Parvati won Individual Immunity.

Back at camp, the reality of what Jason had done apparently began to set in even more.

"It could be my biggest mistake in the game of Survivor, or, it could be my saving grace," he commented.

It initially looked like it was going to be a huge mistake, as Ozzy told Alexis that Jason "should have known better" than to strike such a silly deal.

"I think one of the dumbest most naive moves in Survivor history just got played out," said Ozzy.  "We all guaranteed that we weren't going to vote for him, but Jason fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book and he's going to go home."

Conversing in the cave, Ozzy, James, and Amanda all agreed to ignore the promise and vote to oust Jason since it was possible he could go on an "immunity rampage" if they kept him around.

However Cirie had other plans and told Parvati, Alexis and Natalie it would be the "perfect time" to blindside Ozzy since he'll "never see it coming."  She warned them not to tell Amanda, James or Erik the plan.

"Ozzy is like a huge, huge threat in this game," said Cirie.  "So, if Jason, Parvati, Natalie, Alexis and myself vote Ozzy, Ozzy's going.  Idol's gone.  Clean slate." 

Parvati played up that Jason was still the target when conversing with Amanda, and the couples alliance further discussed their options in the cave.  Parvati was unsure what to do.

"I think if I went to the Final 5 with Ozzy, Ozzy would win this game.  I haven't been here miserable, going through all this crap to not win this game," she said.  "On the other hand, I made an alliance with Ozzy and he protected me in this game a bunch of times.  Amanda's been my best friend since the beginning of the game.  James has been my guy since Day 1.  So God, what do I do?"

As Alexis and Natalie told Jason that he was still the target but not to worry and just vote for Ozzy, James told Ozzy he had a bad feeling about what was going down.

"You getting a bad feeling?" Ozzy asked James.

"Yeah," answered James, who was actually sitting on two Hidden Immunity Idols when he was blindsided during Survivor: China.

"James is worried about Parvati," said Ozzy.  "This would be a good moment for someone to try and flush the idol out.  But at this point, I'm pretty confident in my alliance.  I mean hell, this is the reason why we're Favorites.  We've played this game before. We know that once you decide something -- you've just got to go with it, and it's worked out so far.  But we'll see.  In the last moment, I might just stuff the idol in my bag. We'll see what happens at Tribal. I might end up playing it just to be safe."

Survivor: Micronesia's tenth Tribal Council commenced, and Ozzy was immediately asked about the impact of everyone now knowing he possessed the Hidden Immunity Idol.

"Of course [having the idol puts a target on my back]," said Ozzy.  "Having the idol is a huge thing in this game."

Jeff then called the Immunity Challenge "one of the craziest things I've ever seen go down," and called Jason's decision "risky."  But Jason said he knew the odds of him continuing to win the Individual Immunity necklace was "very slim."

"I had to give something else a shot.  It's really just about crossing my fingers and hoping these people are going to stick to their word," he said.  "I can only hope for the best."

James basically said the deal was worthless and wouldn't be honored.

"I think it was a crazy deal," said Parvati, who benefited from it with Individual Immunity.  "But I can kind of understand why he made the deal.  If it works out for him, than that's great for him.  But if he made this deal and he gets voted out tonight, that's a huge risk he took."

Eliza Orlins reacts to Survivor host Jeff Probst's announcement that Ozzy Lusth had been voted out of Survivor: Micronesia
Jeff asked Ozzy if having the Hidden Immunity Idol gave him comfort.

"A certain amount of comfort," he answered.  "Even then, it's a risk that I would have to take after all the votes have been cast.  At that point, I've got to sort of read the group.  But yeah, I do have a little bit of comfort."

Voting commenced, and Amanda, Ozzy, Erik and James voted for Jason.

"I thought I was the dumbest Survivor [move] ever," James -- no doubt hoping Jason's move would grab that title from his own Survivor: China move -- remarked as he cast his vote.

However Parvati, Cirie, Alexis, Natalie and Jason all voted to oust Ozzy. 

Prior to the votes being read, Jeff asked if anyone wanted to play the Hidden Immunity Idol, and Ozzy decided against it.  His fate was thus sealed as Jeff revealed the voting results.  Amanda, Erik and James -- as well as Eliza on the jury bench -- sat there with shocked looks on their faces and Jason beamed with joy as Ozzy was booted.

"Thanks guys," said Ozzy before Jeff snuffed out his torch and a shocked Eliza struggled to remain silent on the jury bench.

Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites next episode will air Thursday, April 24 at 8PM ET/PT.