Matt Grant assured Robin Canfield that they had a "connection."

However only few days later the 23-year-old advertising coordinator from Holland, MI failed to receive a rose from The Bachelor: London Calling star, bringing an end to her journey on the ABC reality dating series' twelfth installment.

During a conference call with reporters on Thursday, Robin talked to Reality TV World about what might have changed Matt's mind when it came to their connection; if she thinks he led her on; what her expectations were heading into the show; and if she thinks the four remaining bachelorettes are there for the right reasons.

Reality TV World:  You seemed extremely confident you'd be getting a hometown visit from Matt.  What do you think went wrong?

Robin:  I don't know.  He obviously had a really tough choice to make.  There was a little conversation we had kind of regarding future plans and when he wanted to have kids.  I think that might have had something to do with it too, because I don't want to have kids anytime soon.  I know he does.

Reality TV World:  Was there anything else in that conversation that might have led to you not receiving a rose?

Robin: I think it was just kind of like he found out that maybe our connection wasn't the romantic kind.  Maybe it was just more friend-based.  Maybe he just got along better with the other girls.  [Matt and I] got along great, but I'm not sure on what level compared with the other women.

Reality TV World:  Do you think Matt led you on?

Robin:  I think the reason I was so angry at the end was because at the beginning of the competition I had asked him, "Honestly, I would really appreciate it if we could just be candid with each other.  If you like me, great, let me know.  If you don't, please don't lie to me."

So yeah, I felt a little bit led on at the end because he did say, "Oh, you have nothing to worry about."  He was asking me all these questions about my hometown and then all of a sudden it was like -- BOOM -- I wasn't there anymore.  So that was probably the most aggravating part of it.

Reality TV World:  How were you cast for The Bachelor?  Had you applied for the show before? 

Robin:  I actually didn't apply, technically.  I was working at The Beacon in downtown Orlando where they had one of the open castings.  I just happened to be working that day, got into a conversation with one of the [casting] girls and she was like, "Well, would you be interested in trying out."  I had never seen the show before.  I don't really watch reality TV at all.  It was just one of those things like, "Why not?"

Reality TV World:  What were your expectations going into the show? Were you looking for a serious relationship?

Robin:  I think it's one of those things if the opportunity presents itself I would be more than open to it.  I had to think about that pretty hard before I committed to going on the show.  I've been in serious relationships before, but it's not something that I'm like, "Okay, now I'm ready," and then I go looking for it.  It's more like one of those things when it happens and it's the right person, you would be ready for it then.

Reality TV World:  You briefly lived in England.  If Matt presented the final rose to you, would you have been willing to relocate to London for him?
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Robin:  Oh yeah, sure.  I loved London.  I mean I plan on living internationally anyway so it wouldn't have been that big of a jump.

Reality TV World:  Out of the four remaining bachelorettes, are there any you think aren't there to find love?

Robin:  No.  I think all of them are pretty sincere.  I'm trying to honestly give everybody the benefit of the doubt because it's not for me to judge anyway.  So honestly, I hope they are. (laughing)

Also in the call, Robin talked about which of the four remaining bachelorettes she thinks will win Matt's heart; her response to criticism from the other suitors that she was too competitive; and whether she's currently dating anybody.

Do you think you should have replaced any of the four remaining bachelorettes?

Robin:  No.  Honestly, I think everything does happen for a reason.  I think probably I would have just continued to get more and more frustrated if I was kept there longer.  I think the girls that are there should have been there.

If you had to pick one of the remaining four bachelorettes, which one do you think Matt would present his final rose to?

Robin:  I think it's probably Amanda.  She and him have some sort of connection.  I don't even know where it started.  He said that she was -- physically at least -- was his ideal girl.  She is an amazing person -- has a great personality, funny, easygoing.  So I would love to see her win.

Viewers saw a lot of you trying to steal Matt away for alone time, and a few of the other bachelorettes have been critical of you for it.  Were you surprised by the reaction they had since it was a competition for Matt's affection?

Robin:  I think I probably got caught up a little too much in the competition.  But at the same time, I wasn't the only one who was butting in.  Everybody wants as much time as possible, I just happened to be portrayed as the one who did it all the time, which wasn't true. (laughing)

Did you ever start to find yourself falling in love with Matt?

Robin:  To be completely honest, no. (laughing)  I mean I liked him, but it definitely was not love.

Are you currently dating?

Robin:  No.  I'm actually moving again [from Orlando].  So whenever I know I'm moving, I don't really get attached.  I mean I date around, but I never start anything serious.  I'll be starting grad school in the fall out in Phoenix, AZ.

What are you going to grad school for?

Robin:  International business.

So you're going to wait to start dating again until you get to Arizona?

Robin:  (laughing)  I guess it's just not on the front of my mind right now.  I'm not really the kind of person to search out.  I don't need somebody to be with.  It's more one of those things that it's really nice when it happens.  I think it will happen whenever it's supposed to.  It's not something I really worry about I guess.

Check back with Reality TV World on Friday to learn what Marshana Ritchie -- this week's other eliminated  bachelorette -- had to say about her own The Bachelor: London Calling experience.
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