Katarzyna Dolinska feels the lack of personality she was accused of having as an America's Next Top Model tenth-season contestant wasn't entirely accurate.

"On the show, I did get the boring edit," she told reporters during a Thursday conference call.  "But I think I'm fun!  I can have fun!  I feel like I have a personality definitely, so I just feel like that's the edit that I got."

An alleged lack of personality was one of several reasons why the 22-year-old from Roslyn, NY became the ninth girl eliminated from Top Model's tenth season during Wednesday night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

Dolinska thinks the accusation that she lacks personality mostly reared its head during panels, when she was simply trying to "appreciate" the judges' criticism and comments.  In addition, the Cornell graduate compared herself to former Top Model ninth-season contestant Victoria Marshman, who attended Yale.

"I guess that's the profile I came in as, the Ivy League girl," Dolinska told reporters.

Marshman was known during her brief Top Model stint as never taking the judges' criticism without firing back with a remark of her own, a move that got her labeled as "prickly" and ultimately contributed to her ouster.

"I didn't really respond to their comments too much just because I knew from past experiences that they would likely think that girls who come from that background are prickly or snobbish," explained Dolinska.  "So I kind of didn't want to be like that.  I wanted to show them that I could take criticism and that I didn't think that I was above any criticism.  So I just took it.  I feel like they thought that was a lack of personality."

She added it was personally "difficult" for her to show her personality when being evaluated by the judges.

"I feel like there are girls that are a little more [like] actresses -- a little more animated -- when they speak in front of panel," said Dolinska.  "I think that's the only thing that makes a difference.  It's a shame because the judges don't get to know us, they don't get to know who we really are."

Making matters worse for Dolinska is that she said she never really got comfortable with constantly having cameras capture her every move.

"I was trying to be myself, but I think with the cameras watching us 24/7," explained Dolinska, "I feel like I just wasn't really comfortable with that.  I could never really tune-out the cameras like some people did."

Dolinska was also accused of "coasting" through the competition during the panel that saw her elimination.

"I was like, 'I don't think so!'" she said of the remark.  "[Top Model judge Nigel Barker] said that I look like what you would expect from a girl trying to be a model.  But I don't think that has anything to do with me trying hard or not.  I definitely tried to do my best every single photo shoot.  I think that was just a misconception they had about me."
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In addition, Dolinska thinks she was further hurt by the fact that Top Model creator and lead judge Tyra Banks was the photographer during the shoot that immediately preceded her elimination.

"Tyra's the person that you want to impress the most just because she's the main judge at panel," said Dolinska.  "It was just so intimidating to shoot with her because you know she's judging you in every single thing that you do.  I think my nerves got the best of me."

While working in finance following her graduation, Dolinska said she auditioned for Top Model in New York

"It's something I always wanted to try, but I was always really responsible -- I went to school, I always did my internships over the summer -- so I never got a chance to try modeling," said Dolinska, adding the process went fairly quickly once she did audition.

Once she was cast for the competition, Dolinska knew her look could help her win Top Model.

"There's not this one type of look -- there are so many diverse looks," she explained.  "I think what I have is kind of an Eastern European look, which is really what the high-fashion industry is right now.  It's a lot of those very pale, very European looking girls.  I feel like I kind of fit in that high-fashion kind of look that's very in right now."

Dolinska also caused very few waves in Top Model's New York City loft and was never involved in any drama.

"We had to do so many things all the time that I didn't want to get involved with the drama," she said.  "I didn't want to lose my energy.  I felt like I'd be fighting with people who just wanted to fight to fight."

After she was eliminated, Dolinska told reporters she couldn't return to her old job.

"I didn't go back to my old job just because being on the show and seeing everything I did, I just couldn't go back to being at a desk 24/7," she explained, adding she instead traveled to Paris, which is where her boyfriend resides. 

While there she worked a few PR jobs in anticipation of breaking into the modeling industry.

"I've just been waiting to get off the show and pursue a career," she said.  "I want to try high fashion.  I love the creations designers come up with, and I would love to be given a shot at that."

Regardless of where she ends up, Dolinska said she's hoping it's with the haircut she entered the competition with before it was cut short.

"I miss my old long hair.  Since I was a little girl I've always had long hair, so it's tough to get used to it," she said.  "I'm trying [to grow it out].  It's not really working yet."