Although newly ousted Dancing with the Stars contestant Cody Linley admits he developed a strong friendship with professional partner Julianne Hough while they competed on the show, he insists he's not "in love" with her.

"I'll do whatever it takes to prove that I am not in love with Julianne," the 18-year-old Hannah Montana actor told Jimmy Kimmel during a Wednesday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  "But I have love for her."

Hough, who appeared as a guest as well, agreed that the she and Linley had become close while on the show as well, but also denied Kimmel's attempts -- which included attempting to get Linley to submit to a polygraph test -- to link them romantically.

"He's great," Hough told Kimmel of Linley. "I mean honestly, he's like my brother and [we have] a friendship that I've definitely been happy to have this season."

However, while Linley denied a love connection, he did admit to bragging somewhat after learning he had been paired with Hough.

"When I found out Julianne was my partner I definitely... I'm not gonna lie, I called all four of my brothers and was like 'Heeeeeell yeah bro!'" Linley told Kimmel with a laugh. "I was so thrilled, I was like 'Yes! I've seen that show and Julianne is amazing. She's so awesome.' So I was excited to jump into rehearsals with her."

Linley also told Hough that he had been nervous during his first few dances with her.

"When they [showed] the 'Trip down memory lane' [segment on last night's show]... you see at the very beginning when you're teaching me how to do it and I'm like... so happy," Linley said as he imitated his reaction by making dance movements while pretending to blush.

Linley said that being the youngest contestant in Dancing with the Stars' history had also been an obstacle he had to face while competing on the show, even though he had initially thought it may give him an advantage.

"You know what, going into [the show] I was like 'Yes I can use this to my advantage, I'm so excited.' But I think it was tougher because of it because I'm not used to this," Linley said. "This was the biggest life experience of my life, so it really has changed me and I've had to grow through it. But it's been awesome, and it's been so, so fun."

"I'm so proud of him," Hough added. "He's a winner in my opinion, and from Day 1 I thought 'Ah this is gonna be cool, a little kid, fun times,' and then I realized 'Oh man he's really deep, he's really caring about his friends and he's really a hard worker. I have a lot of respect for him."

Hough also commented on how different it was to have a second role on Tuesday night's show as vocal performer on the show in addition to being a dancer.
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"I was a little nervous, you know I [was going] from being a dancer to a singer on the show," Hough told Kimmel. "What's funny though, I can sing and do whatever and be fine, but I was so nervous singing on Dancing with the Stars because there was all these people that know me as a dancer and all that stuff. Then it [was] like 'I really have to prove that I'm a singer.'

And as for Linley's emotional moments while on Dancing with the Stars, he left himself open to some ribbing from Kimmel while reflecting on his time on the show with Hough.

"It's awesome being a part of the show because I gained such a relationship that I'll cherish forever because we truly went through a lot of stuff and struggles together," Linley said.

"Are you about to cry?" Kimmel asked.

'No," Linley said sheepishly as he began to smile.

But Hough defended her partner, saying that she had liked his outgoing nature on the show.

"You know what? It's good! I say its good to wear your heart on your sleeve. I think it's a good thing," Hough said as he patted Linley on the shoulder.