Omarosa Manigault opened up to a couple of houseguests about her regrets working in the White House for President Donald Trump on Celebrity Big Brother.

"I made choices and I just have to live with them," Omarosa told entertainment reporter Ross Mathews on Thursday night's broadcast of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS.

Omarosa is a three-time The Apprentice or The Celebrity Apprentice participant.

One of Trump's most prominent African-American supporters at the time of the election, Omarosa joined the Trump administration as the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison.

"I felt, like, a call to duty. I felt like I was serving my country, not serving him... It was always about my country," Omarosa told Ross.

Omarosa, however, left her post on January 20, and it's been widely reported that she was fired by White House chief of staff John Kelly and was "very upset" over the situation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I was haunted by his tweets every single day," Omarosa recalled, telling Ross that she had attempted to stop the president from tweeting his random thoughts once he entered office.

"I tried to be that person, and then all the people around him attacked me. It was like, 'Keep her away from him,' and, 'Don't give her access. Don't let her talk to him,'" she shared.

Omarosa refused to drop names of the people who blocked her path to Trump, but she said, "It's not my circus. They're not my monkeys. I'd like to say it's not my problem, but I can't say that, because it's bad."

Ross asked his fellow houseguest if America should be worried with Trump in power, and Omarosa nodded her head.

"It's not going to be okay. It's not. It's so bad," Omarosa noted.

Ross found himself feeling compassion for Omarosa, as she was crying throughout their entire exchange, but he wasn't sure if her emotion was truly genuine.

Ross then asked Omarosa if she'd vote for Trump if she could go back and do the election all over again, and she replied, "God no, never. Not in a million years, never."

Also during the Celebrity Big Brother episode, Omarosa told American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth that her support of Trump cost her "100 friends" and resulted in her figuratively getting her "head bashed in."

Omarosa explained that at the time of Trump's candidacy, it was hard for people to understand her dynamic with the former The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice star because she had a personal relationship with him underneath all the politics.