Celebrity Big Brother crowned a new Head of Household, Keshia Knight Pulliam, due to a "Gift Bag" twist in the game, and then she nominated two houseguests for eviction during Thursday night's episode on CBS.

American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth had won the first Head of Household competition earlier this week, but a new "Gift Bag" twist allowed a person to play his or her "recast-the-HoH power" to take her place.

Most of the house opted to see what was inside of their gift bags, but Keshia was the one with the power.

At the Nomination Ceremony, The Cosby Show star -- as the new HoH -- was forced to immediately nominate two houseguests for eviction, and she chose to put Big Time Rush singer James Maslow and mixed martial artist Chuck Liddell on the chopping block.

The Celebrity Big Brother broadcast began with Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath admitting that Shannon was "a stone-cold killer" in the house, and he knew she'd be a tough competitor going forward.

Meanwhile, everyone was afraid of the new "Gift Bag" twist, except for James, who was really excited about it because he wanted the chance to step into a leadership role.

It was becoming increasingly more clear that the women were working together on one side of the house, and the men were in an alliance on the other side of the house. However, the ladies had the numbers.

It therefore all came down to who would receive the power to recast and dethrone the HoH, because if a man got the power, the house would be flipped upside down.

RuPaul's Drag Race star and entertainment reporter Ross Mathews therefore admitted he had to curry favor with everyone in the house, not just Shannon or the female houseguests.

"That's a lot of sucking. Even for me," Ross joked.

Shannon acknowledged that if a man won the power to overthrow her, two women would end up on the block, and she couldn't let that happen.

Besides Shannon and Keshia, the other girls in the house were former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, Miss Universe 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez, former The Apprentice contestant and White House staffer Omarosa Manigault, and Hairspray Broadway star Marissa Jaret Winokur.

Shannon then explained to the house exactly how the "Gift Bag" twist was going to work.

Prior to each Nomination Ceremony, a gift-bag symbol would be shown on the television screen, prompting the houseguests to enter the Diary Room one at a time and declaret they would like to open their gift bags.

If more than one houseguest wanted to enter the Diary Room, a random draw would determine the person who gets to open his or her bag.

The participating houseguests would not know whether they had received the power until the Nomination Ceremony. If a person was granted the power to recast the HoH, that person would automatically become the new Head of Household and, in turn, nominate two players for eviction right on the spot.

The dethroned HoH -- in this case, Shannon -- could not be nominated for eviction. After the power is used, the twist will no longer be in play. 

Marissa came up with the idea of having all the women open their gift bags to increase their chances of a guy not receiving the power to recast the HoH.

Shannon then worked to convince the guys not to play their gift bags as well by making deals of safety. Shannon attempted to make a deal with Mark and Chuck, and then she brought Ross into the alliance of women, saying he could be a spy for them.

Mark and Chuck, however, flat out admitted to Shannon that she was one of the biggest threats in the house, so she didn't know how long it would make sense to keep them around. Shannon knew that, at some point, the guys would go after her.

Meanwhile, James and Chuck, who were friends before entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, had an unspoken alliance and called themselves "The Celebrators."

Going into the Nomination Ceremony, Shannon wanted to target the big, strong guys first.

As a result, she decided that Mark would be a pawn, and he obliged to the plan. She also planned to nominate former NBA player Metta World Peace -- formally known as Ron Artest -- because he missed his wife and really wanted to quit and go home.

But Shannon found James to be a big threat, especially because he was in great shape and lied about there being an all-male alliance. Shannon therefore thought about backdooring James this week, and she was ready to take out "the eye candy."

All the of the guys promised Shannon they wouldn't open their gift bags one after the next under the assumption Metta World Peace would be going home -- even James, who confessed he wasn't looking forward to wearing a leotard if he got stuck with "Big Brother swag" in his gift bag.

However, when it became time to enter the Diary Room, Chuck decided to go big or go home and open his gift bag. He knew the guys were in trouble, and so he was stepping up to save them.

Keshia previously came up with the idea to punish the men if anyone opened their gift bags, so the actress had a plan all along for Shannon or the new HoH to nominate Chuck and James instead of Mark and Metta World Peace if that were to happen.

As a result, Chuck's bold move landed him on the chopping block next to James. When HoH, Keshia told the guys her decision was strictly strategic and nothing personal because she had suspected they'd be strong players this season and the hardest ones to beat.

Shannon was thrilled with the results of the Nomination Ceremony because she got two strong threats on the chopping block without any blood on her hands. James was furious, however, and said the girls "started a war."

Metta World Peace agreed with James, because he thought the women would be decent enough to let him go home to his family.

Also during the episode, Omarosa was shown talking to Shannon and Ross about her time in the White House. She said being loyal to one man cost her "100 other friends" and she got her "head bashed in" for supporting him, referring to President Donald Trump.

Omarosa felt Keshia was passing judgment on her, so she called the childhood actress out for supporting Bill Cosby during the scandal in which numerous women accused him of sexual assault. Omarosa found similarities in the situations, saying they each stood by a polarizing person due to their personal relationship with him.

Omarosa also told Ross that she regretted being a Trump supporter and that, while in the White House, where she was "haunted by his tweets every single day." She also warned Ross that the country is "not going to be okay" and "it's bad."

When asked whether she'd vote for Trump if she could do it all over again, Omarosa replied, "God no, never. Not in a million years, never."
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