The Bachelor star Nick Viall's journey begins Monday, January 2 on ABC, and the show's star has teased what fans can anticipate this season.

Shortly after ABC revealed Nick's 30 bachelorettes, the handsome 36-year-old software salesman from Wisconsin participated in a media call through which he opened up about his time handing out roses as the Bachelor following three failed searches for love on spinoffs of the reality franchise.

During a Wednesday conference call, Nick -- who admitted he found love on The Bachelor -- shared his desires, expectations and challenges on the show. He also addressed some juicy rumors floating around out there.

Below is a portion of Nick's interview with reporters. To read more, check out Reality TV World's The Bachelor page.

I wanted to know, obviously you're one of the most recognizable faces in Bachelor Nation. I'm just curious how your day-to-day life has changed since you started out on TV?

Nick Viall: Not too much. I know that sounds -- I mean listen, I am a big believer in not forgetting where you come from and as [exciting] as being on the show has been and how, you know, obviously in some ways that has changed my life, it's really important to me to not let it change my life. 

I don't take myself any more serious than I did before; I don't think I'm any more special than I ever did before. And it's important to me to stay grounded. I spoke to some of my friends when I got back and I ordered a Lyft, I did the whole Lyft line thing where like, you know, like the Uber pool, because it was just, like, incredible savings.

And so, I kind of like jokingly did it, because I'm like, "I've done this before, I don't care if I'm the Bachelor." I just kind of kept my head down and like someone else got in the car in the back seat and didn't notice it was me, and it was like no big deal. It's just really important to me.

It's funny and it's true, you know, I don't really do anything different. I don't, like, wear disguises or anything ridiculous like that; I just kind of go about my day and if I get recognized and someone wants to take a picture or say hi, then I feel very fortunate to have that surreal moment. And that's never lost on me and I think I always want to be appreciative of those moments.

Have you ever met any celebrity fans of the show?

Nick Viall: No one, like, big comes to mind. I mean, I've spent some time in LA over the past year and I've certainly met people who are, quote, unquote, celebrities, but I think some of them watch it. But it hasn't been -- I haven't ever been walking on the street and stopped by say someone like Jennifer Aniston and then be, like, "I'm a huge The Bachelor fan."

There hasn't been that moment where it's like someone that I'm in awe of stops me because I'm on Bachelor Nation. That hasn't happened. But it is surprising just how many people -- well that's not surprising -- but it's interesting just how many people are fans of the show and it's pretty cool.

Are there any misconceptions about yourself that you wanted to sort of dispel when you met these women, who obviously knew about you prior to the show? Anything you wanted to clear up on Night 1?
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Nick Viall: I mean, I certainly didn't go into the evening with wanting to clear up any misconceptions, but at the same time, I went into that evening realizing that I've been pretty used to being a part of Bachelor Nation and having people have a variety of opinions about me, and I was certainly aware of the fact that it is entirely possible that some of the women Night 1 could have a variety of opinions about me. 

I'm someone who likes transparency, and I want to be in a relationship where people are upfront and open about any questions and concerns that they have, and so I always invited that, not only on Night 1 but throughout the season. 

But there was no specific thing that I wanted to clear up. I certainly wanted to make myself available to the women to feel comfortable enough with me to ask me any questions they might have had or concerns that they have, you know, in getting to know me.

Did you find that you were playing by your own rules at all during the show when it comes to handing out roses at a certain time or stealing a moment away with a bachelorette? Did you ever stray from the format?

Nick Viall: Yes, I don't want to give too much away, you'll have to watch. But you know, I think overall, me being asked to be the Bachelor was viewed as an unconventional choice, and I think relative to me and my peers in the past, I'm probably a bit more unconventional -- and that might be a theme that you will continue to see with me as the Bachelor. 

You know, I've always -- not only in the Bachelor [franchise] but in life -- you know, I'm not afraid to not necessarily play by my own rules, but you know, follow my heart and do what I think is best regardless of the majority opinion. And so, I think you will continue to see that as you watch the season.

As the season went on and you were whittling it down to the final few women, how tough did you find it to make your choices? Was it something that you were losing sleep over?  

Nick Viall: I think as the Bachelor, all the decisions are incredibly tough, you know, for different reasons.   Night 1, I mean, you certainly don't know the women as well as you do towards the end, but in that sense, it's incredibly tough because you're making some incredibly important decisions off of very little information. And that changes as you get more information, but I don't think there was ever an easy decision that I made along the entire process.

How does your family feel about you going back to TV and being The Bachelor star. Will they be watching? 

Nick Viall: Yes, they'll be watching, I'm sure. I think they are very excited about the opportunity; I think they're as hopeful as anyone that I meet someone and find love. I've always been very fortunate to have the family, specifically the type of parents, that have always been supportive. 

I mean, I'm an adult, right? I have 10 siblings, a lot of them are younger than me. And so, my parents are as much as my friends as my parents, and they've always been just very supportive in any degree of situation and I'm very thankful to continue to have their support. And yes, I think they'll be watching.

Are there any amazing or unconventional love stories in your family?   

Nick Viall: I mean, my parents got engaged after like six months, which I think was pretty unique and cool, and they were married within a year of meeting each other. And then they've been married for, I don't know, 38 years, have 11 kids and a wonderful marriage. So I think that's pretty great.

How important was it for you to get [Kaitlyn Bristowe] or [Andi Dorfman]'s blessing or advice? Did you reach out to them at all? Were they involved in this round of The Bachelor?

Nick Viall: It certainly wasn't a priority at all to get their advice. I didn't reach out to them at all. Andi did reach out with a simple text to wish me luck and it was a very gracious text. But you know, certainly no advice was given and certainly no advice was asked, and I haven't had any contact with Kaitlyn at all.

We know your little sister Bella is protective of you. What was her reaction to you becoming the Bachelor and will viewers see more of her this season?

Nick Viall: Yes, you'll see more of Bella. I'll give that one away. Bella's pretty wonderful. I think she's as excited as anyone.

I think that, you know, again, like this experience, my experience has [been filled with] ups and downs, and I think even more than me, my family has felt the feelings of the ups and downs -- and they have been even more intense. So I think they're excited and thankful that I'm on the different side of it this time and I think Bella's no different, so.

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