Nick Viall seemed to have a real shot at love with Vanessa Grimaldi, but based on a preview clip of next episode, The Bachelor star doesn't have his sights set on moving to Montreal, Canada.

In the clip released by ABC, Nick and Vanessa finally engage in the serious conversation they've been waiting to have -- who would move for the sake of their relationship? The topic has seemingly been an elephant in the room, as neither individual has brought it up since the show premiered in January.

During her hometown date in Canada, Vanessa's family was quick to point out that the couple needed to figure out these logistics before potentially getting engaged.

"Nick is someone that I can actually picture spending the rest of my life with," Vanessa, 29, said in a confessional during the preview clip for the next episode released by ABC.

"But at the same time, we have that sort of relationship where our conversations are always so heavy. Today I felt like Nick was questioning whether or not he wants to be as close to my family as I am. It's been upsetting me."

Vanessa's roots are firmly placed in Montreal, Quebec as her entire close-knit Italian family lives there, including parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins.

She also loves her job teaching adults with special needs, it's clear her students adore her and are very attached to her.

Nick was born in Wisconsin but lived in Chicago prior to his stint on The Bachelor and now appears to be spending an awful lot of time in Los Angeles.

The former software salesman turned model hasn't divulged his current profession on the show, but he revealed in recent interviews he has started his own business of grooming products for men.

Nick will also be competing on the upcoming 24th edition of Dancing with the Stars which films in Los Angeles, so if he decides to move, it will have to wait.

Due to the circumstances, the person to potentially move in this relationship would be making a huge sacrifice.

During their fantasy suite date, Vanessa continued in the conversation, "Is there anything that you would feel uncomfortable compromising on? Is moving for you something that you don't see yourself doing?"

"Well, I've moved a lot, right?" Nick replied. "I've never imagined living in Canada. And I'll be honest, that's not easy for me to picture. I hope that's not a non-negotiable, but I think I would do anything for the woman that I love."
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"Why is it something you can't picture yourself doing?" Vanessa asked, seemingly taken aback by what she just heard.

"Not to sound corny, but I'm really proud to be an American," Nick noted.

"And I'm very proud to be a Canadian," she replied with a little bit of attitude and a smirk.

"I'm not saying you're not," Nick insisted, "but you just asked."

In the upcoming March 6 episode, Nick will enjoy two fantasy suite dates -- one with Vanessa and the other with Rachel Lindsay.

The episode will conclude with Nick eliminating one of the three remaining bachelorettes, which includes Raven Gates. The Bachelor: The Women Tell All special then airs from 9-11PM ET/PT on ABC.

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