In the past, supermodel Paula Porizkova has spoken harshly about her new employer -- America's Next Top Model.

"[Top Model is] completely unrealistic. They obviously don't take girls based on who can actually be a model," Porizkova told The New York Post last year.  "I look at the girls and think, 'How are you gonna make a model out of that?'"

But despite replacing Twiggy on Top Model's upcoming tenth-season judging panel, Porizkova is still sticking to her guns -- which is apparently part of the reason the show's producers were interested in having her join the show.

"I still stand by that," Porizkova told The Post in a Wednesday report.  "As soon as [the producers] called me, I was like, 'You know that this is what I think about the show, and that I refuse to lie, right?'  And they were like, 'That's why we want you.'"

Top Model executive producer Ken Mok harkened back to the show's pre-Twiggy days as to the reasoning behind bringing Porizkova onboard.

"When we started out, we had Janice Dickinson," Mok told The Post. "That's the exact type of person we want - a person who's not going to censor themselves."

Porizkova said she can fill the void left by Dickinson, who was replaced by Twiggy prior to the show's Fall 2005 fifth season.

"I want to be the one going, 'This is not working. What delusions are you under here?' " she told The Post.

In addition, Porizkova also pointed out one of the main problems she feels faces Top Model contestants.

"[An] America's Next Top Model [winner] has to be very well-rounded, which I've never heard anybody say about a print model," she told The Post.  "Models are not meant for TV - that's the nature of the work, that you're one-dimensional... You can be as dumb as a log and just look great.  But being America's Next Top Model, you have to have some personality."