NBC has announced the identities of the fourteen people who will be competing on its new upcoming I Want To Be A Hilton reality series.

Hosted by Kathy Hilton, mother of Paris and Nicole, I Want To Be A Hilton will feature the fourteen contestants competing for an extravagant prize package that includes a $200,000 trust fund, new apartment, wardrobe and the opportunity to live the high life (in other words, like a Hilton) for a year. I Want To Be A Hilton premieres Tuesday, June 21 at 9PM ET/PT.

Similar to The Apprentice, the contestants will reside at New York City's historic Melrose Hotel and be divided into two teams -- "Park" and "Madison." As they compete, Hilton will guide the contestants through a variety of glamorous Manhattan challenges that cover subjects ranging from art and culture to beauty and fashion. Similar to Donald Trump's reality series, each Hilton episode will end with the Hilton matriarch eliminating those contestants who "didn't make the list" in her own distinct version of "the boardroom." Tasks will include dog grooming, a fashion show and organizing a charity event.

The fourteen contestants competing on I Want To Be A Hilton are:

Yvette Brown, a 26-year-old dancer from Las Vegas, NV. Born in England, Yvette has traveled extensively during her professional showgirl-dancing career. She moved to Las Vegas two years ago and has no desire to leave. She formerly wrote a column titled "Making Vegas," about her life in 'Sin City.' Yvette yearns to be swinging high on the Vegas social scene.

Julianne "Jules" Levita, a 26-year-old receptionist from Port Station, NY. A Long Island native who currently is working as an apparel store manager, Jules wants to be an event planner but dreams of having her own talk show called, "Tell it to Jules." Jules graduated from St. Joseph's College in Long Island and frequents the club scene in New York City.

Latricia Lindsey, a 31-year-old motor vehicles clerk from Inglewood, CA. A military brat born in Germany, Latricia, moved to the United States at a young age. This Los Angeles DMV worker is a single mom devoted to raising her five-year-old son. Latricia will do anything to insure her son has the finer things in life. Despite having a routine life, she wants to dip her feet into the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

John "JW" Whitehead, a 24-year-old construction worker from Byram, MS. JW knows everyone in his small Mississippi town where he works for his father's construction business where his mom brings him and his dad lunch every day. He went to Southern Missippi College on a football scholarship, but feels like not one of his dreams has ever panned out. Currently JW is playing Arena Football for The Lubbock Gun Slingers in Lubbock, Texas.

John Colonna, a 24-year-old plumber from Queens, NY. A plumber by day and a 'speaker dancer' by night, John splits his time between New York and Boca Raton, Florida. John attended St. John's University but is currently pursuing a pharmaceutical degree at Florida Atlantic University. He once worked as a stockbroker and is an avid writer. John, the youngest in his family, has a brother and sister 18 and 19 years his senior, respectively. In his spare time, John frequents the beaches of Florida.

Anna Poonkasem, a 28-year-old former Miss Tampa from Plant City, FL. Ann has the uncanny ability to break out in song at a moments notice. The former Miss Tampa USA attends the University of South Florida as a graduate student, pursuing a Communications degree. Throughout her life she has volunteered for various organizations and most recently participated in an event to benefit the Tsunami relief. Ann is currently working on new projects for the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

Jaret Elwood, a 26-year-old telephone salesman from Rendon, TX. Jaret is a Texan who refers to himself as a sophisticated redneck, teaches kindergarten and spends most of his time with his family including his twin sister. At one time, Jaret ranked No. 1 in the state of Texas in the 800-meter. He continued to run track through college and graduated from Texas Tech. Additionally, he enjoys fishing and playing sports.

Jabe Robinson, a 26-year-old ranch hand from Joshua, TX. A charming construction worker who installs septic tanks, Jabe has an assortment of pets including goats, turtles and a donkey named Hank. A true southern gentleman, this hunky bachelor is quite the ladies man. As the owner of a construction company he rarely gets a moment to himself, yet he finds time to call his mother every morning before his day begins. He also enjoys fishing and hunting.

Vanessa Kemling, a 30-year-old bartender from Las Vegas, NV. Vanessa tends bar at the La Bete bar at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, but studies at the Fashion Design School. She also is an abstract artist who works with acrylics and oils. Vanessa grew up in East Los Angeles in a rough neighborhood but moved to the Valley as a teenager.

Jaclyn "Jackaay" Watt, a 25-year-old landscape supply clerk from Justice, IL. Jackaay lives in a trailer park with her mother, and boasts the nickname "trailer park Barbie." A self-proclaimed workaholic, Jackaay takes pride in her job working at a landscape supply company. Almost every weekend she takes in a different concert supporting her friends who play in local bands. She spends much of her time reading autobiographies; her most recent favorite is Marilyn Manson's autobiography.

Alain "Alan" Constantine, a 34-year-old perfume salesman from Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Romania, Alan currently works at Bloomingdale's as a fragrance manager and one day hopes to open his own cosmetic shop. Alan remains close to his family as they all reside in the same apartment building. He travels to Las Vegas often because of the shopping, shows and gambling. If not in Las Vegas, Alan can be found running on the beaches in LA or at the gym.

Niki Pais, a 23-year-old fashion student from Riverside, CA. Niki graduated in fashion design from California Baptist University. For the past 19 years she has been a synchronized swimmer. Currently, Niki works as an interior designer, specializing in residential and commercial design, and is best friends with her twin sister.

Rashad El Amin, a 26-year-old waiter from Hollywood, CA. Born in Oakland, Rashad graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara where he earned his B.A. in fine arts. Like many young people in Hollywood Rashad can be found waiting tables where he practices the fine art of networking. He earns money on the side by investing in currency and commodities. In his spare time he loves listening to hip-hop music.

Brenden Martin, a 31-year-old golf caddy from Denver, CO. One class separates Brenden from his degree in broadcasting from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Brenden's main occupation takes place during the summer, whre he caddie's for the elite members of the prestigious Castle Pines Golf Club, in Castle Rock Colorado. The youngest of three, he is the quintessential outdoorsman, and enjoys golfing, sking, rock climbing and backpacking.