NBC has announced that Fear Factor will end its fall hiatus and return to the network's regular programming lineup beginning December 6. Fear Factor will take over the Tuesday 8PM ET/PT time period that is presently occupied by The Biggest Loser, the weight loss reality show that is currently midway through the broadcast of its second season.

"We are thrilled to bring back the 'Fear' since Fear Factor has virtually become a trademark series," NBC Entertainment vice president Curt Sharp announced. "It brings a loyal audience and should mesh well on Tuesdays at 8 after the success of another reality series, The Biggest Loser, earlier this season."

NBC had announced back in May that the fall premieres of Fear Factor and Scrubs, another of the network's veteran series, would be held back as part of the network's new plan to launch new programming throughout the September-May season.

Fear Factor host Joe Rogan will return for the show's sixth season, and in addition to a new format that will feature two-person teams competing against each other, the show will also feature a whole new stunt team. Billed by NBC as giving Fear Factor "a new look and feel" and creating the "most outrageous stunts to date," the new stunt team has previously worked on Hollywood blockbusters such as The Matrix Revolutions, Kill Bill, Vol. 2, and Minority Report.

In addition to the new stunt team, one of the show's other big changes will be the addition of a "Home Invasion" segment. "[We] created a Home Invasion segment where Joe Rogan invades unsuspecting households across the country delivering fear to their doorstep," said Fear Factor executive producer Matt Kunitz. Sponsored by Capital One and first announced last spring, the segments will allow Fear Factor fans to compete in stunts and win a $5,000 debit card without ever leaving their home.

Fear Factor will now also feature more multi-episode/multi-week competitions -- and more exotic locations (including, not so coincidentally, both NBC Universal theme parks). Fear Factor's sixth season locations will include an aircraft carrier, a South American country, and the "Psycho" house from Universal's backlot. The new season will also feature more fantasy bonus prizes, including trips around the world, a garage stocked with new cars, and the chance to fly a fighter jet over Russia.

Heist Fear Factor, an episode that will feature contestants attempting to obtain the keys to a submerged armored car containing one million dollars, will serve as Fear Factor's sixth season premiere. Other sixth season themes will include Family Fear Factor, a Shaquille O'Neal co-hosted show where parents and children will compete at Universal Studios Orlando; Psycho Fear Factor, a show that will feature two-person teams competing at Universal Studios Hollywood back lot; Military Fear Factor, a show that will feature male and female teams from the four branches of the military; and a new multi-episode version of the show's previously popular Reality Stars Fear Factor.

A mini Battle Of The Network Reality Stars, Reality Stars Fear Factor will feature teams from The Apprentice (Apprentice 3 Final Three finalists Craig Williams and Tana Goertz), The Amazing Race (unpopular racing team Jonathan Baker and wife Victoria Fuller), Survivor (odd couple Twila Tanner and John Dalton), American Idol (former teen singers Carmen Rasmusen and Anthony Federov), and The Real World (the perpetually recycled Trishelle Cannatella and Mike Mizanin.)

As you would expect, the show's production company is excited about Fear Factor's changes. "After hundreds of hours on the air, including 34 last year, we took some oxygen on the side line and are coming back fresh and reinvigorated," Endemol USA president David Goldberg stated. "A lot of time, thought and money was spent to make improvements in the show. I wouldn't call it an Extreme Makeover, but Fear will be returning bigger and better with an all new look and feel."