According to a TVWeek report, the one hour long episode of "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" that is scheduled to air on NBC tonight will be slightly different than the episode that originally aired on the Bravo cable channel two weeks ago.

An NBC spokesperon told the weekly newspaper that the producers of the Bravo summer hit have trimmed approximately three minutes for the NBC airing in order to accommodate the network's additional commercial time, and in the process they've removed some of the material to which a number of local affiliates had objected. The episode, which features a country-style straight guy who wants to propose to his girlfriend, originally featured some bedroom scenes where members of the "Fab 5" sniffed and displayed underwear and bed linens and made jokes about body wastes and fluids.

According to the report, NBC's Augusta, Georgia affiliate planned to make a decision on airing the episode this morning. "I am looking forward to getting the [preview] tape, and from what I understand NBC has been very responsive in editing out the gratuitous excretory scenes and references," said John Mann, GM of Schurz Communications-owned WAGT-TV in Augusta, GA. Barring any surprise disappointment in the edited version, WAGT-TV plans to air "Queer Eye" at 10 PM as scheduled by NBC. WAGT-TV aired last month's half-hour NBC on a delay as a result of similiar content issues.

Not all affiliates are waiting to see the edited version before making a decision however, Mike Weeks, the GM of Gray-owned WITN-TV, told TV Week that he plans to delay "Queer Eye" until late night -- a decision he wishes NBC would make. WITN-TV also opted to delay NBC's half-hour episode from last month. WITN-TV will air infomercials instead.