It's official -- reality TV has officially jumped the shark! NBC announced today that it's new reality series, “Second Chance: The Search for the Most Talented Senior in America,” will begin production immediately and that the series will premiere later this season. Hey, remember, these are the folks who also thought "Lost" was a good idea for a reality series...

“’American Idol’ has been a huge success, and we tip our hat to the job they’ve done, “ said eff Gaspin, Executive Vice President, Alternative Series, Longform and Program Strategy. “But, they’ve only identified great talent between the ages of 16 and 24." "We’re going older, and we’re sure we’ll find a lot of talent.”

According to NBC, the series will feature seniors from across America competing head-to-head in an overall talent competition, which ranges from song and dance, to the most exceptional and unusual acts. Additional details for “Second Chance: The Search for the Most Talented Senior,” will be announced at a later date. We can't wait.