Variety reports that NBC has ordered a second edition of its new upcoming "For Love Or Money" reality show -- before the show has even aired its first episode.

As we reported earlier, "For Love Or Money" puts a twist on "The Bachelor" by hiding a key fact from the single guy at show's center: The woman he picks at the end of the series gets $1 million, and then, in a sort of double twist, the woman then has to decide between taking the money or giving it up and continuing the relationship.

According to Variety, NBC executives were so keen on footage shot for the first season that they quietly gave the go-ahead for producers to move ahead with another batch of six episodes. Production on the second season began in late April, this time with a bachelorette at the center of the show. Contestants are sequestered and, because "Love" hasn't aired yet, they won't know about the various twists to come in the game.

Executive producer J.D. Roth called the early pickup "a real shot in the arm." "(NBC executives) Jeff Gaspin and Jeff Zucker are forward-thinking guys, and they sense that something special happened while we were shooting the first go-round," Roth said. "Having them believe in us like they have is great." Roth believes there are enough potential twists inherent in the "Love" format that the show could continue even after millions of Americans come to understand the game. Still, having another season of the show in place before the beans are spilled will yield another batch of episodes reflecting the "pure concept" behind the show.

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