NBC will “marry” two hit summer reality series with back-to-back reunion specials featuring the casts of “For Love or Money” and “For Love or Money 2” (9-10 PM ET) followed by another reunion with the family and women of “Who Wants to Marry My Dad?” at 10PM ET on Labor Day -- Monday, September 1.

One week before Erin Brodie makes her final decision between the two men left standing on “For Love or Money 2,” the rendezvous special of the summer’s most popular new reality series will reunite Rob Campos, Erin, the women of “For Love or Money” and the men of “For Love or Money 2” and reveal the behind-the-scenes secrets and highlights of both shows.

The “For Love or Money Reunion Special” will feature the most memorable moments from both series as well as exclusive interviews with the participants about what really happened in the mansion and their thoughts on their experience since completing the show.

The following week, Monday, September 8 (9-11 PM) in the two-hour series finale of “For Love or Money 2,” Erin will make her final decision and the man she chooses will make his choice between Erin and $1 million dollars. If he chooses Erin, she will win the $2 million prize.