If you think NBC's Friday Night Lights really portrays high-school football in America, coach Rush Propst would say you've taken too many hits to the helmet.

"Friday Night Lights is scripted TV crap," Propst, the coach of the Alabama-based Hoover High School Buccaneers on MTV's Two-A-Days docu-reality series, told The New York Post recently.

While Two-A-Days and Friday Night Lights both offer viewers a look at the personal and yet-to-be-professional lives of student athletes playing football in the south, Propst said that's pretty much where the similarities end.

"Friday Night Lights portrays football in the wrong manner," Propst told The Post, claiming "95%" of what viewers see on Two-A-Days is real.  "[If someone tried to script something for Two-A-Days I'd] tell them to go jump in a lake."

Friday Night Lights may be a darling among critics and viewers alike, but Propst said that's not the case among people that know the gridiron.  He told The Post he's talked to "hundreds of coaches around the country" who also "dislike" Friday Night Lights

Propst said if Friday Night Light's fictitious Dillon Panthers squad ever wanted to witness the difference between their football and the kind played by the Hoover Buccaneers, he knows what the outcome would be.

"I think we'd do okay," he told The Post.