reports that Frank Roessler, a 22-year-old cast member on MTV's "Real World Las Vegas" series was convicted last year of criminal mischief for vandalizing two fraternity houses at Bucknell University, where Roessler was a student.

According to the amusing criminal complaint, Roessler and codefendant Charles Reiter broke into two frat houses and caused a variety of damage, including broken toilets, a smashed door, and a broken window. At the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house, Roessler and Reiter left behind a calling card, of sorts: "two fresh piles of feces." Charged in a five-count criminal information, Roessler pleaded guilty to criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced last June to two years probation, fined $1000, and ordered to pay Bucknell $1000 restitution.

When asked MTV spokeswoman Allison Bennett if any current "Real World" cast members had criminal records, Bennett initially said she was "unaware" of any such legal scrapes. However, after TheSmokingGun provided details of Roessler's rap sheet, Bennett suddenly recalled hearing about the bust, saying it "wasn't like he committed a robbery or raped someone. It was a frat prank. He is not a dangerous person."

Roessler--on probation at the time--spent four months living with six roommates in the palatial "Real World" penthouse atop Vegas's Palms Hotel.