MTV has announced My Super Sweet 16 Presents: Exiled!, a new reality series that will send former My Super Sweet 16 teens to live with the indigenous tribes of far away countries for the opportunity to add some perspective to their world view, will premiere Monday, August 25 at 10:30PM ET/PT.

Each Exiled! episode will follow one of eight My Super Sweet 16 girls who -- at the behest of their parents -- was transplanted to a primitive tribe around the world to eat, sleep and experience the lifestyle of the teenage girls who live there year round.

Prior to Exiled!'s premiere broadcast, MTV will air a four-hour My Super Sweet 16 marathon on Saturday, August 23 at 1PM ET/PT.  The marathon will be followed by The Road to Exile, which will allow viewers to catch up with the eight former girls participating in Exiled! and why their parents had enough of their behavior.

MTV began developing Exiled! in January, and it is executive produced by Banks Tarver and Ken Druckerman for Left/Right and Jenna Arnold and Ryan Golembeske for Press Play Productions.  Danielle Medina, Amy Bailey and Dave Sirulnick serve as executive producers for MTV. 

The eight former My Super Sweet 16 girls who will be featured on Exiled! -- and their MTV-supplied bios -- are:

- Amanda

It's been three years since her Super Sweet 16 and Amanda is still living the life of a pampered princess. But her parents have finally had enough of her laziness and decide to exile her to Kenya, Africa. Can Amanda learn to grow up or will she wilt in the African heat?

- Ava

This Sweet 16er is one everyone will always remember- Ava shopped for a dress in Paris, threw a tantrum when she didn't get a Range Rover on her birthday and ran away from home forcing her mother to cancel her credit card. And three years later, she's still living the high life.  She's a global studies major in college but this Beverly Hills girl knows nothing about the real world.  Her parents decide it's time for a lesson she can't learn from books and exile her to the jungles of Thailand. 

- Chelsi

Not much has changed in the two years since her Roman-themed Sweet 16.  Chelsi still demands to be treated like a princess and refuses to even lift a finger at home.  But when she is exiled to the frozen tundra of Norway, will learning the ways of the Saami people teach her what a work ethic is or will being a reindeer herder push this diva over the edge? 

- Bjorn

Three years ago, Bjorn proclaimed himself a DIVO while planning his over-the-top Sweet 16. And these days he still goes by the title and prides himself on his passion for fashion and maxing out Daddy's credit card.  But Bjorn's parents have decided it's time for him to learn how to earn his keep so they exile him to the deserts of Morocco where he'll have to trade his Chanel duds for a turban and try to learn that the best things in life are free.

- Marissa

Ditzy Marissa may not seem to know how to do a lot for herself but she has one skill mastered - getting what she wants. But this spoiled Daddy's girl won't get her way when her parents exile her to the hills of Kerala, India to live with the Ugali people.  In this tribe, it's each woman for herself and Marissa won't have anyone to do the work for her.  Can she learn to take care of herself or will she be calling begging her parents to let her come home?

- Meleny

Ever since throwing an 18th birthday party fit for Egyptian royalty, Meleny has been a royal pain.  She's 20 years old, still living with her parents and still spending their money.  In fact, she's never even spent a night away from them!  So Meleny's family exiles her to Peru where herding llamas and dealing with altitude sickness make this experience a not-so-sweet reality check.

- Sierra

Growing up the daughter of famous hip-hop star Cee-Lo has taught Sierra how to be diva-licious as she showed at her legendary Sweet 15 birthday party.  But three years later, Sierra is more of a diva than ever before.  Her parents want to teach her that everything won't be handed to her on a silver platter and exile her to the volcanic island of Vanuatu where she'll learn that it's not "who you know" that will earn you respect in this jungle.

- Alex

Two years after her Sweet 16, Alex is still the Paris Hilton-wannabe she always has been.  But her father, a self-made man, wants to pull the plug on Alex's lavish lifestyle and decides to exile her to the Amazon jungles of Brazil.  This pampered princess will soon learn that leaving her plush palace for a hut in the woods is not so "juicy."