MTV has announced Gone Too Far, a new Intervention-like reality series starring Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein as he helps young people overcome addiction, will premiere Monday, October 5 at 10PM ET/PT.

Each Gone Too Far episode will document DJ AM's efforts to help young people between the ages of 18- and 25-years-old as they struggle with substance abuse that has threatened to destroy their lives and relationships with the people they love.

DJ AM will meet with the addicts' friends and families to explore their desire to help their loved one -- whose addiction will be exposed via self-shot videos from the addicts' perspective.

Each episode will conclude with an intervention led by a certified addiction specialist that will offer the addict an opportunity to receive treatment at some of the best rehab facilities in the country.  In addition, the series will also see how the addict is doing on their road to recovery if they decide to enter rehab.

DJ AM revealed last year that as a child he was abused by his father -- leading to an addiction to crack cocaine for six years.  He has since been sober for the last decade.

"I struggled for years as a drug addict and was fortunate to get help when I asked for it. I have managed to live a clean and sober life, something that takes work and something that I pride myself on," said DJ AM.  "Gone Too Far is my platform to help people, like I was helped by giving back in a way."

The 36-year-old celebrity DJ added MTV is the "perfect place" for his reality series since many of its viewers struggle with addiction.

"Substance abuse is an issue that our audience consistently struggles with and through his own battle with addiction, DJ AM knows first-hand the innate chaos drug dependency can inflict on addicts and their loved ones," said MTV programming executive Tony DiSanto.

"He's an inspiration and amazing proof that it's never too late to reverse the devastation. That type of positivity is something inherent to our viewers today and we're not just documenting the journey to recovery, but also trying to change the lives of those we follow."

MTV ordered the eight-episode series in April, and it is produced by Ish Entertainment and Gigantic Productions.