Mr. T is reflecting back on his Dancing with the Stars experience with Kym Herjavec, including the real reason why he decided to join the show to begin with.

"The main thing is I want everyone to know the reason why I danced. I want to explain myself," the professional wrestler said during a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America.

"I can't dance, but I was dancing to give my share of the purse to St. Jude and Shriners Hospitals," the 22-year cancer survivor explained of his decision to raise money for charity. "And of course the fact that I couldn't dance, I said I was willing to try. That's what I want people to do: Try. Don't quit."

Mr. T then joked about how he didn't like his GMA introduction with Kym.

"I want to talk to the writer. When you introduced us, he said, 'Kym and Mr. T got booted off,' and I resented that," Mr. T said.

"We didn't get booted off, we gradually eased off. Ain't nobody going to boot Mr. T off. You know, as a competitor, we left it on the dance floor like we're supposed to. We walked off with grace and style. Man!"

The Dancing with the Stars audience booed when Mr. T got eliminated from the show on Monday night after the pair performed an emotional waltz in memory of the year 1995, when Mr. T was first diagnosed with cancer.

Despite tugging at everyone's heartstrings, the couple landed in tenth -- and last -- place on the leaderboard with 28 out of 40 possible points from the judges.

Kym said on GMA that Mr. T definitely showed different sides of himself on Dancing with the Stars, including a "softer side" that came out in a couple of his performances.

"Mr. T says the T stands for tough and tender," Kym noted. "He does have that tender side. He's like a teddy bear... And last night was a beautiful dance."

Kym added that it was "amazing" and "just a dream" to have Mr. T as her celebrity partner for Season 24, saying that "every day was great" and she adores him.