Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson is reportedly in rough shape over the "Mama June" Shannon sex-offender controversy and he'd like to get custody of their daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

Thompson's friend "Crazy Tony" Lindsay revealed Thompson is a mess since discovering his ex-girlfriend of 10 years is now dating Mark McDaniel, a convicted sex offender who had molested Shannon's daughter Anna Cardwell back in the day and was just released from jail last month, the Daily Mail reported.

"Mike is all over the place and is distraught that his daughter has had contact with a sex offender," said Lindsay, who appeared on the first season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. "He wants her out of that environment and knows the only way to do that is to get custody."

Shannon has repeatedly denied reports and "compelling evidence" she's involved with McDaniel. In a public Facebook video, she even claimed she hasn't seen the man in 10 years. However, pictures have surfaced of Shannon and McDaniel together as well as proof she tried to buy him a used car.

Lindsay told the Daily Mail that Thompson "is not doing very well. He took the split hard and now this comes along. He has got no money and has taken to borrowing from everyone. He owes me $100 and I doubt I'll ever see it."

An alleged "shattered" Thompson reportedly paid a rare visit to Shannon's house in McIntyre, GA, on Monday. He's currently living in a mobile trailer home that was bought for him by TLC after his split from Shannon in September.

"June has all the money, and he has not seen any of it. He will have to sue for custody and June will not give her up. I genuinely worry for the future of that family. Before the show they had nothing, and they are going to end up with nothing," Lindsay explained.

"The family might have been getting $20,000 a week but Mike's not got any of it. If he had any money he would not need to go round borrowing cash. It was Shannon who signed all the contract and she gets the money."

Another source close to Thompson insisted the reality TV star can't even afford to rent his own place and he has no running water or electricity, according to the Daily Mail.

TLC announced its decision to cancel Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in light of reports Shannon is dating a child molester on Friday.