Michelle Schubert has dropped a surprise for viewers on Taylor Stocker and Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa's romance that played out on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

"The whole tribe knew on Day 1, I think, that Taylor had a girlfriend back home," Michelle told Reality TV World in an exclusive interview following her vote-off in Wednesday night's Survivor episode.

When asked to clarify whether Figgy was the only person in the dark about Taylor's other love interest, Michelle confirmed, "Oh no, she knew!"

"Yeah, everybody [knew]," Michelle elaborated. "The whole tribe knew on Day 1 that he had a relationship back home."

Figgy and Taylor lived out a showmance on Survivor until Figgy was sent packing after a tribal swap. They'd kiss in the shelter, flirt and spend all of their time together.

Michelle's claim that Figgy knew Taylor had a girlfriend back home when she began her showmance with him probably surprises viewers given Figgy had said a "situation" she hadn't known about while Survivor was filming was why their relationship didn't work out once they returned home.

In fact, Figgy had trashed Taylor in her exit interviews after she was voted off the island in Survivor's broadcast two weeks ago, comparing the fall of their romance to a scene in the 1997 movie Titanic.

"If I'm Rose and I could let Jack on the door that I'm laying on, I would not let Taylor on the door. I would let him go and let him just sink to the bottom of the ocean. But it's for the better," she told Reality TV World.

According to Figgy, "a real-life situation" outside of the game had "interfered" with what they shared on the island and she had "learned a lot" about Taylor after Survivor wrapped filming in mid-May.

Taylor recently announced he's expecting a son this month -- which suggests the fact that Taylor's girlfriend was also pregnant at the time Survivor filmed was the "situation" Figgy was alluding to.

"I feel bad for Figgy because there might've been parts of this equation that she didn't know about. There definitely were," Michelle said when Reality TV World broached the topic of Taylor becoming a father.

"And I feel bad, because yeah, she didn't have all of the intel at the time she was falling in love or falling in like -- whatever you want to call it. But yeah, I feel bad for her."

When asked whether the pregnancy news also changed Michelle's opinion of Taylor, the castaway explained, "It could be [changed]."
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However, Michelle added, "I really, really love both of them, separately, you know? And I understand where both of them are coming from... I'll let them make their own decisions."
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