Matt Damon says "Project Greenlight" -- the filmmaking reality show he developed with Ben Affleck -- may not return to Bravo next year.

Despite its Emmy nomination, "Project Greenlight" has been floundering in the ratings race since it moved from the premium HBO to the Bravo cable network.

"The show was really good this year and yet we had horrible, horrible ratings," Damon told "When we were in conversation with Bravo, they were like, 'Look, the show is good,' we got the best reviews of any show on television, and they said, 'But there's a certain number,' and they showed us the number and I'm not a TV guy, but they said, 'Look, this number, no matter what, we can't bring the show back... This is just terrible, we can't justify keeping it on air.'"

He said the future of the show for now is "up in the air."